Abound Dog Food: The Best 6 Benefits

Abound dog food is a brand of dog food produced and sold in the United States. Nestlé Purina, Pet Care Company, manufactures it.

Abound was created in response to the demand for a low-cost, high-quality protein sourced from meat without requiring the animal to be raised on grain or feed made from plants.

Abound uses ethoxyquin, a common rat poison that can cause cancer in cats and other pet animals.

Abound Dog Food
Abound Dog Food

Abound dog food

In 2005, the company began to use a new recipe that used ethoxyquin’s ingredients in manufacturing the food.

Ethoxyquin is found in ingredients such as brominated vegetable oil tablets. In 2006, Purina began using ethoxyquin in wet dog food and bakery products.

Ethoxyquin has been investigated for its possible effects on animal health but is approved by the FDA for use in pet foods.

A class-action lawsuit against Nestlé Purina alleged that Abound dog food caused cancer in cats, and the company agreed to pay $6.5 million to settle the case.

Is abound a good brand?

Purina is owned by Nestle, a very well-known but highly controversial food and water corporation. They have been accused of using rats to test their products and using dogs to test their products.

If you are fine with your dog dying from cancer, I wouldn’t recommend this food brand. Abound is a low-quality dog food with ingredients such as corn and soybeans.

Just because abundance looks like good quality does not mean it is good for your dog’s health.

Is it better than another?

Yes, it has less corn and more meat than many brands. Is that enough to make you want to feed your dog this brand?

I doubt it, but I would pick Abound over other brands if you want the cheaper choice.

Is it cheaper than another brand of food?

Abound is slightly cheaper than another brand of dog food, but if you feed your dog premium food, it might be worth the extra cost.

Does this brand contain corn?

Yes, it does. Corn is typically used in dog food as a filler or a cheap ingredient that can be used in large amounts while still inexpensive.

Corn is also an ingredient that dogs are allergic to, which can be potentially fatal for dogs to eat.

How much is a bag of Abound dog food?

A bag of Abound dog food can cost around $9, which is a very good price for the brand. It is also a high-quality brand of dog food, which is probably why it is so costly.

Is there an alternative brand to this?

There are many alternative brands to Abound dog food. You will be able to find a brand that is cheaper, healthier, and better for your dog than Abound.

But is one brand a better choice than another? It depends on what you are looking for. Diamond, Innova, Ancient grain, and Canidae are other brands to consider.

How much do I need to feed my dog a day?

The amount of dog food you need to feed your dog depends on the breed of the dog, the size of the breed, and the dog’s age.

I will be giving you a guide to help you understand how much to feed your pup.

Weight of the dog: 20lbs

Daily intake: 1.5 cups per day.

What are the fillers in Abound dog food?

The fillers in Abound dog food include soybean meal, corn gluten meal, and chicken by-product meal.

Although they are not the best ingredients to use as a filler or ingredient, it is what makes dog food cheaper for some people.

How old do dogs have to be before feeding them Abound dog food?

You can feed your dog Abound dog food once they are about 6 weeks old, but you should wait until they are at least 4 months old before you start to feed them this brand.

Dogs should not be allowed to eat the only dog food they know from birth. But it is still recommended that you delay until 4 months from when your pup is weaned from its mother.

What is the nutrition of Abound?

Here is the nutrition of Abound dog food.

This brand of dog food is high in protein and high in calcium which is good for your dog but not so good for you to eat.

Some people worry about over-feeding their dogs because they would like to feed them higher quality food that can keep them healthy and fit.

Why is there a class-action lawsuit against Nestle Purina?

The lawsuit is because of the comments made by the Purina employees. The Purina employees told people that dog food with more meat would be more detrimental to their dogs than their cheaper dog food.

They also said that they were not worried about the effects that eating their dog food could have on animals.

They reasoned that when animals die, they are sent to a rendering plant, where the parts of the animal are used to make other products.

What are the ingredients that are not good for dogs?

Some of the ingredients that are not good for dogs are propylene glycol, ethoxyquin, and BHA. Propylene glycol is used as a preservative for dog food.

Ethoxyquin is used as an ingredient in the food but is not good for dogs. BHA is used to help keep the product fresh and safe for consumption by dogs.

How are these ingredients used in dog food?

These ingredients are all used as ingredients found in dog food. All three can be found in elements such as vitamins, minerals, and other additives that can be harmful to your dog.

Do all dogs like it?

Some dogs do not like it, but some love it. Some dogs look forward to getting their feed every day.

Abound Dog Food
Abound Dog Food

Benefits of Abound dog food

1. Is more protein than the competition.

2. Less corn and more meat which is good for dogs.

3. It is less expensive.

4. Has a high nutritional value which is good for your dog but not so good for you to eat.

5. Before serving it, the food is cooked in high-temperature water that has been filtered for the water.

6. The food is freeze-dried, which is a very good way to preserve the food to last for a long time.

Disadvantages of Abound dog food

1. It Can cause cancer in some dogs.

2. It Can be fatal if your dog is allergic to it.

3. Cheap ingredients that can cause harm to your pet.

4. other dog foods are much healthier for dogs.

5. other brands are just as good and better for your dog.

6. Not the best food to use when training your dog.

7. If you are looking for a premium brand of dog food, this is not the brand you want to buy.

Is there a recall on Abound dog food?

There is no recall on this product at the moment.

If you have any questions about this product, please ask your veterinarian.

You should also check with your local dog food pet store for any recalls.


It might not be the best food on the market, but as I said before, it is a good brand of dog food, and it is affordable.

Do not buy this brand of dog food if you are looking for something better.

There are much better brands of dog food in the market that are better for your dog and not just more affordable.

Thank you for reading! I hope this article helped you out.

Please comment below if you have any questions about this review, and I will answer them as soon as possible.


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