Can Dogs Eat Wet Cat Food? The Worst 6 Cons of Wet Cat Food

Can dogs eat wet cat food? The answer, technically speaking, is no. Wet cat food is a highly-concentrated form of cat food meant for feeding cats who might have trouble eating normal kibble due to age or health reasons.

Some of these ingredients may be harmful to dogs and the high concentration of food might cause an intestinal blockage in a dog.

It’s important to note that there is some confusion surrounding wet cat food as it pertains to dogs. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has ruled that the presence of certain proteins in cat food might cause intestinal blockages in a dog.

In particular, they listed the following proteins: casein, globulin, and albumin. These proteins are present in wet cat food.

Can Dogs Eat Wet Cat Food
Can Dogs Eat Wet Cat Food

Can dogs eat wet cat food?

This question seems pretty straightforward. But after reading many different sources on wet food, it’s clear that the answer is not so simple.

There are a lot of factors to consider when answering this question including ingredients, cost, health concerns, and more.

Nevertheless, we will do our best to answer this question based on the information given in various sources by breaking down the pros and cons of wet food for dogs into easy-to-understand sections.

Overview of Wet Cat Food

Wet cat food is a highly-concentrated version of your typical dry kibble. This means that it has more of the important nutrients that your cat needs to live a healthy life. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding this topic.

Part of the confusion stems from the fact that cats are carnivores and do not require grain-based foods in their diets. Traditionally, cats have been fed primarily meat, fish and organs.

As time passed and the cat population increased, this diet began to become scarce and so kibble became a substitute for meat and organs. Kibble is a dry food that is made up of grains such as corn, wheat, etc.

What are the Pros of Wet Cat Food?

1. Moisture is good for cats with kidney problems. When cats reach middle age, their kidneys can begin to slow down and produce less urine. This can leave the cat more susceptible to dehydration and other health issues.

2. Over 50% of wet cat food cats have fewer health problems than dogs when it comes to urinary tract diseases.

3. Dry food is more expensive for cat owners. Wet food is about 30% cheaper than dry.

4. Wet food is more palatable for cats than dry food. Dry food is more likely to be left out and spoiled than wet food because it doesn’t smell as appetizing after opening.

5. Wet food contains more protein and fat than dry cat food. Fat is not only palatable to cats, but it’s also necessary for a healthy diet because it helps maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat.

What are the Cons of Wet Cat Food?

1. The moisture in wet cat food is more likely to create bacterial growth than in dry cat food.

2. Wet cat foods are harder to digest for cats compared to dry foods. This may be the main reason that dogs do not like the taste of wet foods.

3. Wet cat food contains a lot of carbohydrates which can be very dangerous for cats and their owners if not properly controlled.

4. Because of their texture and volume, wet cat foods are more likely to be used as toys by cats and dogs.

5. Wet cat foods are more susceptible to spoilage than dry cat foods. Because excess moisture can cause bacterial growth, wet cat food is more prone to spoilage compared to dry cat food.

6. Wet cat food contains preservatives that often cause an adverse reaction in cats and dogs when consumed.

Safe Ingredients for Cats and Dogs?

The FDA allows the use of 282 ingredients in wet cat foods but does not allow the use of any of these ingredients in dog food. The FDA considers the following proteins to be unsafe for dogs and cats: casein, gluconolactone, globulin and albumin.

However, many cat owners and dog owners are concerned about the safety of these ingredients. In response to this concern, the FDA has come up with a list of approved cat food ingredients that remain safe for dogs and cats.

The FDA currently allows the following ingredients in wet cat food: corn, brewers yeast, raw salmon, eggs and dried whey.

Can Dogs Eat Wet Cat Food
Can Dogs Eat Wet Cat Food

Corn is a carbohydrate often used as a base for many dry cat foods.

Brewers yeast is added to wet foods to increase their nutritional value and reduce the growth of certain bacteria.

Raw salmon helps promote healthier skin and shiny coats in cats because of the presence of good fatty acids.

Eggs, along with egg products, are often added to cats’ diets because of their protein, fat and vitamin content.

Dried whey is a form of milk protein that is very beneficial in the diet of any cat as it provides both proteins and carbohydrates.

Analysis of whether dogs can eat wet cat food

Now based on the discussion above, I will analyze whether dogs can eat wet cat food

First, these ingredients are not safe for dogs: casein, globulin, and albumin. These might cause an intestinal blockage in a dog. Therefore, if you’re looking to feed wet cat food to your dogs, it’s best to select dry food as the base of your dog’s diet.

Secondly, there is no clear-cut answer as to whether or not wet cat food can be fed to dogs. This is because the answer to this question depends on the ingredients of such wet cat food. It’s important to note that there is a lot of disagreement in the scientific community as to whether or not these are harmful to dogs. Some view them as neutral and others see them as unsafe.

As a result, you should research the ingredients of any wet cat food before feeding it to your dog. You might find some that can be fed safely and others that are not recommended for dogs.

What happens if a dog eats wet cat food?

Wet cat food is sometimes given to dogs as a reward, after being trained. On the other hand, usually dogs are not allowed to eat wet cat food. There are various stories of pets getting sick from eating wet cat food.

Pet illnesses from wet cat food include lethargy, inability to urinate and excessive thirst. These might happen because the dog was already sick and your dog chewed on the wet cat food in an attempt to get better.

Another story about pets getting sick from eating wet cat food is that they might die. A few people have reported that their pet has died after eating wet cat food.

Why does my dog prefer cat food?

Dogs like wet cat food because of its texture of it. The texture of meat and vegetables is very similar to the texture of dog food.

As a result, when you get a dog, you start feeding him his food (dog food) just as his mother did before he was born. But your dog never tastes wet cat food until it’s given as a reward.

Can dogs eat cat food as a treat?

Yes, you can feed your dog cat food as a treat. However, try to avoid feeding him wet cat food as a treat because of the extra water. It will cause your dog to be a frequent drinker and he could develop urinary problems.

On the other hand, you can feed your dog small amounts of dry cat food or small pieces of wet cat food.

If your dog does not have any health problems or dental issues, then feeding him a small amount won’t hurt him.

How much cat food can a dog eat?

When feeding your dog wet cat food, you should make sure that he doesn’t eat too much at one time. Make sure that you’re only giving him a small portion at this one sitting. So he does not consume more than a small serving size.

Some people are worried about how much dog food to feed their dogs because they want to ensure that their pet is healthy.

The amount of food depends on your dog’s size. If you have a small dog, he can eat 1/4 to 1/3 cup of dry food in one sitting and the rest can be given in two or three meals every day.

A large dog can eat 2 to 3 cups of wet cat food at a time and the rest can be given in two or three meals every day.

Can a dog die from eating cat food?

Yes, the very dog food contains the same ingredients as human food and that is why it might be dangerous for dogs. According to the FDA, some of these ingredients are not safe for dogs.

One of the most common ingredients in cat foods is corn which is considered safe for humans but can cause serious health problems in the carnivorous dog.

In addition, many types of foods contain high levels of fats and proteins that might cause appetite loss or diarrhea in dogs. Therefore, cats should not be allowed to feed wet cat food to your dog.

Is cat food bad for dogs’ kidneys?

In most cases, cats can digest high levels of proteins, fats and sugars. However, the same cannot be said for dogs.

Dogs are carnivores which means they have a high metabolism rate and they need higher levels of calories than the body of their owners.

Cat food is designed specifically for cats, not dogs since cats and dogs have different nutritional needs. According to the AAFCO nutrient profiles for a complete and balanced dog or cat foods, wet cat food can contain 10% fat or higher in dry form.

Can I mix cat food with dog food?

Yes, you can mix little cat food with dog food. The most common mistake that pet owners make when mixing cat foods is to buy a low-quality brand of wet cat food that contains low-quality ingredients.

This is not recommended because the nature of cat food is very dependent on the ingredient level. If something goes wrong in the manufacture or processing of lower-quality ingredients, then you will see many problems with your pet.


You have to make sure that your dog is not getting any dog food and wet cat food at the same time. You must buy the same type of food that matches the needs of your pet. As previously mentioned, some dogs can eat wet cat food while others can’t.

This is why you should make sure that you know what ingredients are in each type of wet cat food before giving it to your dog. Otherwise, it could lead to serious problems with your pet.

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