Can Humans Live Off Of Dog Food: Worst 10 Reasons

Can humans live off of dog food? The answer is yes, but only in the direst of circumstances. People live off of dog food with minimal calories, with not much nutritional value.

The high levels of protein, vitamin A and B12 can help keep you alive without any vitamins or nutrients. It will not provide anything that a human would need.

However, the dog food’s protein, vitamins, and minerals can sustain life until the person is discovered.

Can Humans Live Off Of Dog Food
Can Humans Live Off Of Dog Food

Dangers of Dog Food

 The people who choose to eat dog food will have their nutrition and health compromised. The proteins and meat in dry dog food don’t provide enough protein for an adult human to survive alone.

It is possible to stay on dry dog food, but it’s not recommended. In addition, dried dog food can cause stomach problems, such as constipation.

The high protein levels in the dog food can upset the digestive system and prevent the proper absorption of essential nutrients.

The higher protein levels mean fewer carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. The only reason people eat dry dog food is that they’re starving. Eating dry dog food can lead to malnutrition or death.

Can humans live off of dog food?

The proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in dry dog food are not enough to keep a person alive. The dog food lacks the vegetables, fruits, and grains in a proper diet.

However, eating a small amount of dry dog food will only do minimal damage to the body. People who eat dog food only during extreme need are known as Manna eaters.

Manna eaters will not die from eating only dog food. They will die from starvation, malnutrition, or the cold. People who choose to eat only dry dog food can become Manna eaters.

This is a term used by people who don’t believe in eating meat. However, eating only dry dog food is not enough nutrition to sustain life as an adult human being.

A person would need plant-based foods, such as vegetables and fruits, and carbohydrates and fats in their diet to survive on dry dog food alone.

What’s the worst that could happen

1. If your body isn’t used to eating dog food, you could get sick and die. Therefore, a person who decides to eat dry dog food will need to start with a small amount of dry dog food.

2. The dog food is dehydrated, which means that the water isn’t in the dog food. Therefore, this must be added.

3. A person who starts with a small amount of dry dog food will slowly increase the amount eaten over time. The human body has to adjust to all the new nutrients and eat dog food for survival. If too much dry dog food is eaten at once, it will cause stomach distress and prevent the absorption of crucial nutrients into your body, such as calories and vitamins.

4. There is not enough fat and carbohydrate in dry dog food to provide a human’s nutrients. People will starve and die from starvation if they only eat dry dog food.

5. Eating only dry dog food can lack vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. If someone eats only dry dog food, they can become severely malnourished or die of malnutrition-related diseases.

6. The human body refuses even to overeat dry dog food. People who eat many dry dog food can suffer from diarrhea, constipation, and stomach pain. This can force them to stop eating dry dog food altogether.

7. It’s not recommended for anyone to eat dry dog food alone, especially adults and parents with young children who are eating the same thing as they are.

8. Dry dog food is deficient in calories, which will cause a person to lose weight.

9. A person will get very bored eating only dry dog food. They’d have to eat the same thing over and over again, which can lead to bland meals and weight loss.

Can Humans Live Off Of Dog Food
Can Humans Live Off Of Dog Food

10. The human body can grow accustomed to eating dog food, which signifies that they’re starving.

What Is Terrible of Dog Food

1. Dog food is terrible for a person’s teeth and bones because it’s too high in protein.

2. Dog food is terrible for your skin because it isn’t a good source of vitamin C and other nutrients that protect the skin from the sun and aging.

3. Dog food is terrible for your brain and body because it acts as an opiate, which is bad for you if you’re consuming too much of it or don’t consider yourself an addict, to begin with.

4. Dog food is terrible for starving people because it will give them the nutrition to live and survive until they find something better to eat.

5. Dog food is terrible for your family because it makes everyone sick and throws up a lot, which is very unpleasant to smell.

6. Dog food is terrible for your mind because you can’t even eat dry dog food without throwing up.

7. Dog food is terrible for people who want to survive alone because they will die of malnutrition and starvation.

8. Dog food is terrible for people with eating disorders because it could become a new obsession.

9. Eating dry dog food causes a lot of upset stomachs, which can lead to dehydration if a person overeats dry dog food at once or does not have enough water or fluids when they eat dry dog food daily.

10. Dog food is terrible for someone who’s depressed because it only makes them feel worse and sadder when they’re already feeling down.

11. Dog food won’t kill you, but it can make you very sick, depressed and you could starve to death because your body doesn’t accept dog food as part of a diet plan.

12. Dog food is terrible because it’s not the type of nutrients humans need to survive on their own.

13. Dog food is terrible because the human body would not eat it independently and get addicted to dogs. The human body will refuse even to eat it if it is deprived of other nutrients from a regular diet.

14. Dog food is terrible because a person may become very skinny and hungry after eating only dog food for days or weeks at a time.

15. Dog food is terrible because someone will become bored of eating the same thing every day and be forced to eat other food or stop eating dog food altogether.

16. Dog food is terrible because it’s shallow in calories, which will cause a person to lose weight.

17. Dog food is terrible for a human baby who’s not breastfeeding because they won’t get the nutrients they need to survive on just dog food alone.


After years of research and study on the topic, a person shouldn’t eat dry dog food to avoid malnutrition, sickness, and death.

Other foods can be eaten that aren’t as unhealthy or deadly as dry dog food is. People will feel much better, healthier, and satisfied if they eat healthy foods that dogs cannot eat.

A human has many options to choose from when it comes to what they choose to eat instead of dry dog food.

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