Diamond Pro89 Dog Food: The Best 21 Benefits

According to smart money, diamond pro89 dog food is the best on the market, a specialty food crafted with only high-quality ingredients.

The flavors are wholesome and additive-free. One bag of Diamond pro89 is equivalent to two tins of most other brands.

The company has provided 14 years of guarantees for both its health and athletic performance guarantee.

According to the company, “Over the past 14 years, Diamond has become a leader in the pet food industry.

They have consistently provided their customers with various balanced and unique formulas that ensure optimal health during all stages of your pet’s life.”

Diamond Pro89 Dog Food:
Diamond Pro89 Dog Food:

Diamond pro89 dog food

Diamond pro89 dog food is a unique formula made with farm-fresh ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

The company guarantees that every bag of Diamond pro89 dog food provides your pet with the highest quality.

Diamond pro89 dog food provides necessary protein and nutrients while giving your pet the best and happiest life possible.

What are the ingredients?

The ingredients consist of:

  • Chicken/chicken meal,
  • Potatoes,
  • Sweet potatoes,
  • Pearled barley,
  • Natural chicken flavor,
  • Chicory root,
  • Flaxseed meal,
  • Canola oil (source of linoleic acid),
  • Whitefish meal (source of phosphorous),
  • Eggs (source of omega-3 fatty acids),
  • Potassium chloride (source of chloride),
  • Dicalcium phosphate (source of calcium),
  • Taurine,
  • Vitamins [vitamin A supplement,
  • Vitamin D3 supplement,
  • Vitamin E supplement.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects as this food is well balanced with the ingredients. However, if you experience any change in your dog’s behavior, tell your veterinarian.

The food is good for seniors, especially those taking joint supplements, whose overall health has improved.

Does Diamond have a diet for specific health problems?

Diamond pro89 dog food is a high meat content diet. It has a diet for different health problems that you can choose from, but check with your vet before changing your pet’s diet.

Are there any precautions?

This food is not intended for breeding, pregnant or lactating dogs. It is also not intended for dogs treated with prescription medication. Your veterinarian will advise you on dog food for your dog if it has health issues.

If you are feeding your dog this food for the first time, mix the new food with its current food to allow your pet to get used to the flavor slowly.

Are there certain precautions to be followed when feeding?

Please do not give a dog more than its body weight of Diamond pro89 food daily. The company does not promote giving your pet more than the body weight of the product, but there is a possibility that it might cause excessive weight loss and malnutrition.

What are the benefits of Diamond pro89 dog food?

There are so many benefits of Diamond pro89 dog food. These include:

1. Ensure your dog has a healthy life and promotes the growth of your dog

2. Antioxidants for a healthy heart, skin, and joints

3. Promotes normal organ functions

4. Prevents and reduces the risk of bone disorders and cancer in the long term

5. Promotes muscle development in the body

6. Promotes healthier teeth

7. Helps prevent dental diseases

8. Provides enough energy for your dog to be active in life

9. Provides enough protein, vitamins, and other nutrients to maintain healthy joints, skin, and coat and makes sure they are all working properly

10. Promotes a healthy immune system and overall wellness

11. Helps prevent diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes

12. Helps prevent fatty liver disease in the long term

13. Reduces dental problems

14. Provides balanced energy throughout the day

15. Promotes healthier skin and coat

16. Feeds the right amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for your pet for it to be active during the entire day

17. Fights against cancer cells in the body

18. Helps prevent infections and supports a healthy digestive system

19. Promotes better growth in your dog’s life

20. Helps prevent organ diseases in dogs

21. Gives a healthy immune system to your dog

Diamond Pro89 Dog Food:
Diamond Pro89 Dog Food:

What does it cost?

Diamond pro89 dog food is a premium formulated product; you will expect to spend more than other brands. The ingredients in Diamond pro89 dog food are worth its cost as it has proven to be beneficial for your pet’s health.

Is it safe?

It is safe to feed Diamond pro89 dog food as the ingredients are carefully selected, and the vitamin E content is higher than the required amount by law. The company also ensures that the food is free from additives, artificial sweeteners, and colors.

While Diamond pro89 dog food is good for your dog, always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet.

Disadvantages of Diamond pro89 dog food

The disadvantages of Diamond pro89 dog food include :

1. It is more expensive than other brands

2. It has higher meat content which can cause problems for dogs that have sensitive stomachs

3. The ingredients are not always locally sourced

4. It is not for pregnant or lactating dogs

5. There are a lot of weight loss cases in dogs that have been feeding Diamond pro89 dog food

6. The company does not have a guarantee that their product is free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, but you can query the company about their food to know for sure

7. There is no option to buy a smaller bag of Diamond pro89 dog food, so you will have to make a large purchase

8. It only has limited ingredients

9. The ingredients are not locally sourced

10. The company does not have an expiry date on their bags, so you might end up throwing dog food that is already expired

11. There are no special needs for dogs on their brand

12. There is no expiry date for the product

Can puppies eat this?

No, puppies cannot eat this brand as it has high meat content, which can be toxic. You need to choose a puppy diet like Nutro Max puppy chow dog food if you want a balanced diet for your puppy’s growth and development.

Where to buy true meals dog food?

If you want to buy Diamond pro89 dog food, you can find it on the official website of the food. You can also check with your local pet store, as they might sell Diamond pro89 dog food.


In conclusion, Diamond pro89 dog food is a premium formulated product with excellent benefits for your pet’s health.

It is beneficial for the home-cooked meals of your pet as it ensures great nutrition and taste. You will feed this dog food to your dog, knowing that it is good for you and safe.

The ingredients are of high quality, and the company ensures that the product is free from artificial colors, preservatives, and additives. The price is not too high, so you can even afford to feed this dog food regularly to your pet.

Thanks for reading! Diamond pro89 dog food is worth buying, so go ahead and feed it to your pet!

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