Does Dog Food Get Stale: 8 Perfect Ways To Keep Dog Food Safe

Does dog food get stale? In a word, yes. The reason is that all pet food contains preservatives to extend the product’s shelf life. So owners need to check their bags of pet food every so often and use up any that are past their expiration date.

I’ll go into more detail below. First, let’s talk about why you want to keep an eye on your dog’s food.

The main reason is that some of the ingredients in pet food products can cause an upset stomach or a more serious health problem if they are not fresh.

For example, many dry foods contain beef or poultry meal. These types of ingredients can become contaminated with bacteria that could make your dog sick if eaten.

Does dog food get stale
Does dog food get stale

Another important reason is sensitivity to preservatives. Some dogs can be sensitive to certain preservative chemicals such as BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin.

Does dog food get stale?

No, dog food does not get stale. Dog food manufacturers mix different meat and vegetables with preservatives, which never spoils.

If your dog food smells funny or sees mold, throw it away. Dog food is expensive, so you want it to last as long as possible. Never let your dog food sit in the bowl for more than an hour. 

Your dog may try to eat the same type of food for too long. The flavor will get boring, and your dog won’t gain weight. 

Some dogs have a hard time eating vegetable-based dog foods because they have trouble digesting them. This can also cause stomach cramps and diarrhea.

The dog food does not get spoiled, and it does not get stale. This is because the food is made to be kept longer, and it is made with preservatives so it will never spoil.

It can never be eaten for more than an hour because then it would start to taste funny, and your dog would start becoming unhealthy. Dogs can also get sick if their food does not agree with the way their body reacts or eat it too long.

Will dry dog food go stale?

Dry dog food does not go stale with time if kept in the right place. Could you keep it in a cool dry place? Storing it in the basement or under the kitchen counter is a good idea to avoid heat and humidity.

What are some signs of spoiled dry dog food? There are two main symptoms of bad dry dog food: change in odor and discoloration.

If you notice your dog has stopped eating their food or that there is an odor coming from the package, throw it away. If the smell is powerful, you should also throw it away.

How long does dry dog food stay fresh once opened?

If you buy a bag of dry dog food that smells good and has any mold on it, throw it away.

How long does fresh dog food smell? If the scent is too strong, throw it away. Just make sure that the food has a fresh smell instead of a “cooked” smell.

Cooked smells are from other ingredients in the food that have gone bad and have a more pungent odor than your dog would prefer.

What do you do if your dog smells like stale dog food?

After feeding your dog, take them to the bathroom and brush their teeth. Then, don’t let them eat anything other than the food in their bowl until the next meal.

This will keep the smell of old food off their breath and out of their mouth.

How can you tell if the dry dog food is rotten?

A rancid smell comes from an oily substance called oxidation. You can sometimes tell if your dog’s food is rotten by opening the bag and smelling it. If you can’t detect a scent, then it’s probably still good.

Does dog food get stale
Does dog food get stale

If you can detect any rotten odor, throw away the food immediately. A strong smell indicates a lot of oxidation has already taken place.

How long should a bag of dog food last?

The answer is, it depends on how often you feed your dog. Many factors determine how long a bag of dog food will last.

The main elements are the amount of moisture in the food, how often you feed your pet and whether or not your pet has any special dietary needs.

How often do you feed your dog?

It depends on how often you feed your dog and what type of food they eat. A small breed dog will eat a lot less food than a large breed dog.

If you feed your pet dry kibble, consider throwing it away every four to six months. If you provide them canned dog food, you can go as long as 2 years before throwing it away.

Can old dog food make dogs sick?

Yes, over time, some foods will become less palatable to dogs and stop eating them. If you notice your dog is not eating their food and has been sick with diarrhea or vomiting within the past two weeks, it’s probably a sign that the food is terrible.

Because Stale dog food can make dogs sick by upsetting their stomach or causing a more severe health problem.

How long is a dry dog food good past the expiration date?

A dog food manufacturer’s expiration date tells you when a bag of dog food is most likely to expire. However, the dates are not set in stone, and it’s essential to read the labels on the bag.

If your dog food has gone past its expiration date and you notice a funny smell or your pet seems sick, throw it away immediately.

Is old dog food harmful to dogs?

If the bag has expired, throw it away immediately. If a person feels the dog food is fine and still good to eat, leave it in a cool, dry place.

How long does old dry dog food stay good? Dog food remains fresh past its expiration date if you follow specific rules. If you see mold or an off smell, throw it away.

Don’t feed your dog anything that smells like ammonia or that has been spoiled with time.

How do you store dog food long-term?

We include 8 reasons how do we to keep dog food well:

1. Keep the dog food in a cool, dry place.

2. Some dog foods have a shorter shelf life because of the ingredients; some are much better than others. Make sure you choose the right food for your dog’s needs and lifestyle.

3. Store the bag upright in an airtight container or plastic bag and avoid storing it in direct sunlight to keep it fresh longer.

4. If possible, use dry dog food only once they’ve finished off their first bag, then change to their new food.

5. Some dog foods are made of cans that can be more easily stored and kept in your fridge.

6. If you want to keep the food fresh for an extended period, purchase a vacuum sealer. You can open it and reseal it without worrying about losing any of its nutrients or flavor.

7. If your dog’s food is in a can, leave the can whole until you are ready to feed your dog. Cutting into it will make it lose some of its natural flavor and aroma, making it more difficult for your dog to eat and enjoy its meal.

Does dog food get stale
dog food gets stale

8.  you should keep dog food in your fridge but not for more than three months.

How do you freeze dog food?

Freezing dog food successfully prevents it from going rancid, but you must keep watch to make sure it doesn’t become ice-cold.

Try to freeze the food at temperatures between 32 F and 70 F, which is less extreme than freezing water

(0 C to 32 C). Defrost the frozen food slowly in a thaw cycle.

Try to give your dog food as fresh as possible, and freeze any extra for later. When you want to feed your dog, thaw the food slowly in the fridge and cook it for their needs.

When is dog food terrible?

If you are using dry dog food, you should look for a few things: Expiration dates: Like with human food, some types of dog food can go bad after a specific time.

Avoid: If the expiration date is too close or has already passed, throw it away.

Odor or appearance changes can happen due to moisture, exposure, and heat. You should toss it if you smell something not typical for dog food or if it has any other noticeable changes.

Dry dog food should be stored in a cool and dry place.


Stale dog food can cause your stinky dog breath, stomach upset and may even be toxic for your pet. Some of the food might not even be fit for human consumption.

Just make sure that you always follow the instructions on the bag and avoid letting the food go bad or storing it in direct sunlight to prevent spoilage. Refrigerate to keep it fresh longer.

If your dog food is already stale, throw it away immediately. If you see mold or an off smell, throw it away.

Try to buy a vacuum sealer to prevent the smell from getting into your house and damaging the flavor of the food.

These are a good investment if you plan to buy bulk dog food in large quantities, so you can store some of it and quickly take out what you need when you need to feed him.

Thank you for reading this article and any questions if you have, we will answer you as soon as possible.

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