Does Dog Food Give Dogs Cancer: 14 Worst Foods

Does dog food give dogs cancer? Many people argue that it does. Some say that it doesn’t. I’m not sure myself.

Many pet owners are concerned that does dog food gives dogs cancer? This article summarizes the latest scientific evidence on whether dog food contributes to the development of canine cancer and discusses some common theories as to why this may be so.

Dog food and cancer in dogs

There are many theories as to why dog food can give dogs cancer. These include:

1. Studies have shown that the higher the percentage of meat in a dog’s diet, the higher its rate of carcinoma development.

2. The fat content in dog food may be causing harmful carcinogenic compounds to appear in the dog’s body system.

3. The preservatives and chemicals in dog food may be causing harmful carcinogenic compounds to appear in the dog’s body system.

4. Dog food containing artificial coloring and flavoring has been suspected of increasing a pet’s cancer risk.

Does Dog Food Give Dogs Cancer
Does Dog Food Give Dogs Cancer

5. Dog food containing propylene glycol (a substance used as a preservative, in brake fluid, and to make polyester fabrics) has been suspected of increasing a pet’s risk of cancer.

6. A deficiency in dietary fiber may result in an increased risk of colon cancer.

7. Dog food can increase the amount of urea in the dog’s blood, another cause of the increased risk of cancer.

8. Dog food with a higher fat content or more refined ingredients has been suspected of increasing a dog’s cancer risk.

9. Dog food containing too much meat byproducts may be harmful to pets.

10. Dog food with corn as the main ingredient, which is cheap for pet food companies, has been suspected of increasing a pet’s risk of cancer.

Does dog food give dogs cancer?

Although dog food may be responsible for causing some canine cancers, further discussion is needed to understand how this happens.

For example, corn may play a role in causing canine cancer. However, does dog food give dogs cancer?

There is no direct evidence that suggests that corn causes canine cancer. It also does not mean that consuming high-quality kibble will prevent canine cancers.

What’s more important is to focus on the overall diet and nutrition of your furry pal.

In addition, many of these theories are based on scientific studies conducted some time ago.

Therefore, the possible relationship between dog food and cancer is still unknown. More research is needed to establish a direct cause-and-effect relationship.

Some pet owners believe that if they feed their pets more natural or organic foods, fewer canine cancers will be.

We need to overcome our biases and consider all the possible factors that could contribute to cancer development in dogs.

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What dog food is killing dogs?

It is essential to understand that dog food can give dogs cancer. However, what type of dog food offers dogs cancer?

Commercial dog foods typically contain low levels of meat and high levels of grains. This could be why these types of pet foods cause more canine cancers than other kinds.

Brands such as Beneful, Purina, Iams, and Pedigree are often blamed for causing cancer in dogs. However, it is not yet clear whether these brands cause more canine cancers than other brands.

How bad is dog food for dogs?

The bad press around commercial dog food is not without any scientific basis, though. The truth of the matter is that many brands contain low-quality ingredients.

It may also be worth noting that dogs are carnivores, and their health could deteriorate when fed with grain-based diets for an extended period.

How to make your dog food?

Do you want to learn how to make your dog food? Many pet owners are now opting for homemade dog foods because they are concerned about the possible risks associated with commercial products.

An increasing number of people are now turning to homemade recipes as an alternative source of nutrition for their dogs.

Indeed, feeding Fido these diets ensures that he gets all the essential vitamins and minerals his body needs for good health.

However, preparing homemade dog food is not as easy as it sounds because you need to know the nutritional content of each ingredient.

This enables you to ascertain whether a particular type of food is suitable for your canine pal or not.

What dog food is not suitable for dogs?

The list below contains ingredients that you should not feed your dog unless otherwise specified.

1. Onions

This spicy vegetable is poisonous to dogs. It can cause liver damage, weakness, and breathing difficulties in pets.

2. Garlic

Like onions, garlic can also be harmful to your pet’s health because it can cause anemia in dogs.

3. Macadamia nuts

These are toxic to dogs because they contain a toxin called methylene glycol.

4. Feeding your moldy dog food

Molds that grow on nutrition may be mildly toxic to canines, especially when ingested in large amounts.

5. Potatoes

 Although not inherently dangerous, potatoes are high in starch. This can lead to digestion problems and other bowel-related issues for dogs.

6. Bones

It is okay to feed your dog bones once or twice a week. However, avoid giving him large quantities because they may splinter when chewed on by Fido.

7. Avocados

 Large amounts of this fruit can cause heart problems and internal bleeding in dogs.

8. Caffeine

Although many humans enjoy the stimulating effect of drinking caffeinated beverages, dogs do not share these feelings.

The substance is dangerous to dogs because it increases the risk of dehydration and may lead to vomiting and other health issues.

9. Alcohol

 Drinking alcohol can cause health issues in dogs, too. The substance is poisonous to them and may even lead to death if ingested in large amounts.

10. Processed meat

Hot dogs, deli meats, and other processed products usually contain a lot of nitrates.

While these ingredients are good for humans, they can be dangerous to dogs because they inhibit blood circulation.

11. Food containing the sweetener xylitol

This sugar substitute is toxic to animals. It can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar, proving fatal if not treated on time.

12. Dog food with more than one protein source

Mixing different protein sources in the same meal is not a good idea.

Even if you prepare separate meals, it is advisable to feed your canine friend with food containing just one protein source.

13. Human food

It’s okay to share some of your snacks with Fido once in a while.

However, avoid feeding him human food regularly because many of them are high in fat, sodium, and other ingredients that may harm your pup’s health.

14. Milk, yeast dough, and moldy food

These substances contain xanthohumol, which can produce effects similar to estrogen hormones. This may lead to reproductive issues in male dogs.


When preparing homemade dog food, you need to ensure that all ingredients are appropriate for your canine pal.

As much as possible, avoid those that may do more harm than good to his health.

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