Dog Bubbles Recipe: The Best 7 Benefits

Dog bubbles recipe-I was looking for a fun dog toy to make with my kids, and I came across this easy recipe for homemade dog bubbles that is super simple and quick.

You need two materials: dish soap and hot water. Mix them in a bowl, fill some party balloons with the mixture, add food coloring if you prefer, tie them off, and let the dog chase after them!

Dog bubbles recipe

It is a great way to engage your dog in finding treats and learn a little about colors and shapes.

Dog Bubbles Recipe
Dog Bubbles Recipe

Check out our Doggie Recipe’s site for more recipes and crafts to share with your dog! Have fun making these bubbles.

We love making toys for our dogs, the most popular being our homemade foam squeaky ball! My dog Lola loves playing with this ball and will often turn it into a tug toy when she’s in a playful mood!

How to prepare Dog bubbles recipe

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Ingredients dog bubbles recipe:

  • 1 cup of Water
  • 1 cup Dish Soap
  • Food Coloring Optional
  • 12 Party Balloons
  • 1/2 teaspoon Vinegar
  • 1/2 cup Corn Starch
  • 1 tsp vegetable glycerin


1. 2 bowls

2. 1 spoon

3. 1 measuring cup

4. 1 mixing bowl

5. 1 container of party balloons

6. 1 cutting tool (optional)


Step 1: Create a balloon by adding 5 teaspoons of corn starch for every 4 cups of water.

For example, you will put 20 teaspoons if you want to use 100 cups of water and make 20 balloons.

Step 2: Fill the balloons with air and tie the end with a knot.

Step 3: put one teaspoon of oil into the first bowl and add 3 teaspoons of dish soap to the second bowl. Using a spoon, mix both ingredients until bubbles form and no oil drops are left in the bowl.

Step 4: use a measuring cup to pour the mixture in the bowl with no oil into the balloons. Tie the end of each balloon with a knot after filling them with the mixture.

Step 5: decorate with food coloring (optional).

Step 6: put the remaining mixture into an empty container and wait for it to dry. You can then use it later for more balloons.

Step 7: blow up the balloons and use your fingers to make them burst. Let the kids enjoy with their Dog bubbles recipe.

Dog Bubbles Recipe
Dog Bubbles Recipe

Filling a balloon with a mixture:

This may seem not easy at first, but you will have lots of fun. Please make sure not to burst the balloon while filling it.

If this happens, wait until the air is released from the balloon before attempting again. Add 3-4 teaspoons of dish soap into a large bowl to fill a balloon (a mixing bowl will do).

How to play Dog bubbles recipe

Get your dog interested in chasing the bubbles by blowing some bubbles towards your dog (from about 1 foot away). When the dog is curious and excited to catch them, toss a few balloons into the air. The dog will instinctively chase the bubbles.

Example: So, let’s say my dog Lola is chasing some bubbles to the right…I’m throwing and blowing bubbles to the right of her. (Let’s also say she’s not fast or agile because I wouldn’t want her to get her mouth torn out by one of those balloons when she makes a mistake.)

When I throw a balloon in front of her, she’ll try to catch it – but I want to make this more interesting. So, I throw it on the left, then the right, once. Now she’s chasing a series of bubbles around my living room!

If she catches any balloons, don’t let her swallow them! The hot water will kill her if she does it. I do this by distracting her and putting my hand over the balloons before they can reach her mouth.

You can also use treats in the balloons (like peanut butter), but it may end up being more frustrating for your dog because they won’t be able to catch them.

Why Use Bubbles With Your Dog?

A dog can only see faint colors, so bright red and yellow will probably be invisible to them. These colored bubbles are easy to spot, which makes it easy for your dog to work on his skill of noticing them.

Plus, the bright colors will keep him focused, which means he’ll be less likely to lose interest and wander off while you’re trying to teach him something.

The best way to get your dog to pay attention is by combining all the senses – sight and hearing (balloons in the air).

Dog Bubbles Recipe
Dog Bubbles Recipe

What To Use To Blow Bubbles For Your Dog

Dog bubbles recipe-Now you can use a balloon pump or soap dispenser to blow the bubbles. Just cut a small hole in the top of the balloon and insert a straw. Then make sure your dog is chasing the bubble so that he’ll try to catch it.

Dog bubbles recipe: For smaller dogs (or those who don’t have a lot of patience), you can use a toilet paper roll filled with water and soap. To stop him from chewing on it, put treats in it, too.

Dog bubbles recipe – you can use it to make the sound of barking, carrying, and the like, but we recommend using it while playing with the dog itself.

Toilet paper roll – cut and fold the tube in half without cutting the inner spiral. Fill it with water and soap. Tie the end with a string or rubber band.

You can make bubbles with funnier dog toys like this Dog bubble pen.

Make sure to monitor your dog while he’s playing with these toys because they can be dangerous if swallowed.


After playing with the bubbles, ensure you wipe your dog’s face with a damp towel because some homemade bubble solutions may leave a residue on their hair.

Another option is to use small plastic or paper cups your dog cannot bite or chew. Try different things until your dog catches the bubble and finally learns how to play with it.

Always try to avoid getting the bubble in their eyes because it is soap, which will burn their eyes just like ours.

Benefits of using Dog bubbles recipe

1. Dog bubbles for dogs help stimulate and improve dog’s senses

2. Dog bubbles for dogs are entertaining

3. Dog bubbles for dogs help develop dog’s thinking skills

4. Dog bubbles for dogs encourage more interaction between the owner and their dog

5. Dog bubbles for dogs are a great activity that can be used indoors or outdoors (weather permitting).

Dog Bubbles Recipe
Dog Bubbles Recipe

6. Dog bubbles recipes help owners have fun with their dogs and develop relationships based on trust, love, and communication.

7. Bubbles are one of the best toys for your dog because they are fun, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and easy to clean.

When your dog struggles with all his power to catch the bubbles, it will make him very happy, and you will feel like you are making him so happy.

Disadvantages of using Dog bubbles recipe

1. Dog bubbles recipes require frequent cleaning and checking the levels of soap and water

2. Dog bubbles recipes use scented soap that will irritate your dog’s eyes

3. One disadvantage of using the Dog bubbles recipe is that you must constantly supervise your dog because they can get injured if they get hurt while playing with the bubble.


The dog bubbles recipe is an excellent activity for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. It is also a great way to build a strong bond between you and your dog. It will help you to share quality time with your pet and make it feel loved and special.

The dog bubbles recipe is a great opportunity for you to spend quality time with your dog. You can bond with your dog by playing the game and interacting with him.

Giving the dogs a chance to play with bubbles can keep them from chewing on furniture, shoes, comics, and other things they shouldn’t be chewing on.

Bored dogs can get into trouble. So, do not leave them alone for long periods – especially if they are puppies or young dogs.

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