Best 12 Dog Food Brands That Use Horse Meat

Dog food brands that use horse meat are an increasing and frequent occurrence. While countries such as China, Russia, and India have been using horse meat to feed their tigers in zoos, the U.S. was relatively unaware until 2013 when it was discovered that a number of dogs were eating these same horse meats.

In a recent animal cruelty case in the U.S. a dog was found to have eaten a large amount of horse meat. The dog, a Chihuahua was given the meat by his owner who fed it to him because it was cheaper than other pet food.

Dog food brands that use horse meat

According to the Veterinary Information Network, “a number of dog food manufacturers are in a practice of using horse meat” and notes that “animal rights groups commonly expose such abuses, claiming that they are ‘unnecessary’ and ‘unethical’.

The horse meat is sourced from slaughterhouses in Europe and Mexico, where the horse meat industry is legal.

Dog Food Brands That Use Horsemeat
Dog Food Brands That Use Horsemeat

Does dog food still contain dog food?

Do you want to know if your dog food still contains dog food ingredients? If your dog doesn’t eat his food on a regular basis and visits the bathroom once in a while, you might be putting his health in danger.

The other day we were talking to a lady who rode in a car every day to work. The car ride was only ten minutes long, but her dog had to go the bathroom every single time.

Why is horse meat bad for dog?

Here are some health issues that can arise from the use of horse meat in dog food:

Horses are herbivores. They do not have the canine digestive system that dogs have, and so they cannot metabolize certain chemicals.

The body of a horse has developed over time to eat grass, hay and other plants but they are completely unable to process the muscle tissue of another animal.

Studies show that horses have similar stomachs to humans, as they both cannot digest protein. This could pose a threat to dogs and cats.

If a dog eats horse meat, the horse’s digestive system will then be introduced into the dog’s small body causing unknown problems which can be fatal.

12 Dog food brands that use horse meat

    There are Some brands include below:

  1. Hills Prescription Diet (US)
  2. Hill’s Science Diet (US)
  3. Purina One (US)
  4. Pedigree (Australia, UK, New Zealand and US), Pedigree Chunks.
  5. Esbilac (US)
  6. Royal Canin (US, UK and France)
  7. Nutro Natural Choice Max Adult Dry Dog Food (Canada)
  8. Natural Planet Organics (Australia, New Zealand and US)
  9. Care FRESH Complete.
  10. Fromm Family Pet Food (US, Canada and UK).
  11. Dogs well (USA, Canada and UK)
  12. Canidae (US, Canada and UK).

What are the side effects of eating horse meat?

Chronic consumption of horse meat has been linked with a number of health problems. These include:

  • Dehydration
  • Bad breath
  • Dry skin and coat
  • Increased cholesterol levels, which can lead to clogged arteries.
  • This causes blocked blood flow, heart attack, stroke and other health problems.

How to avoid dog food brands that use horse meat?

It is easy to avoid, if you keep an eye on the ingredients. Look for this word: “horsetail”, which is a specific type of grass that horses need when they go to the bathroom.

Also look for the word “horseradish” and make sure that no other type of food is added to the dog food.

What food chain uses horse meat?

Horses are slaughtered for their meat, as well as for their bones and skin. They are also used to take part in dog fights, with the victims being dogs. The horse meat is mixed with other common animal feed to be given to us.

Are you aware of the presence of horse meat in dog food?

These are the most common types of dog foods that use horse meat. This is how your pet can get it. Raw horse meat: This is usually used as a treat for dogs.

It should not be given to your dog on a regular basis and should only be used when you are training him. It is very high in fat and can lead to weight gain in dogs that don’t exercise regularly.

What does horse meat contain?

Horse meat is not a good option for human consumption, as it is high in saturated fat and cholesterol. The horse meat in your dog’s food can cause serious health problems.

It can lead to heart disease and stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and reproductive problems.

Is horse meat hypoallergenic for dogs?

Horse meat may be a good option for dogs that are allergic to beef and pork. It is low in fat, which makes it a healthy dog food ingredient, as opposed to other types of meat.

However, it is still a very controversial ingredient that can pose problems to your dog’s health. Just like any other food, dogs should not be fed raw horse meat as this can cause serious health problems.

How dog food brands that use horse meat are bad for your pet?

It is very important that you pay attention to the ingredients in your dog’s food. Even though most people believe that horse meat is a substitute for other types of meats, it is not always healthy for dogs.

In fact, some dog breeds are allergic to horse meat and can develop health problems due to its consumption. Do not feed your dog raw horse meat, as it can cause serious health issues.

What are the benefits of horse meat?

Horse meat is a type of meat that comes from horses. This used to be popular in the past, but it is not commonly eaten anymore.

It is still used in a few dog foods as well as other types of foods. It is a common ingredient in some dog foods, such as:

Raw horse meat, for example, is used as a treat for dogs that are getting trained. It can also be used in commercial dog foods.

Are dog food brands that use horse meat bad for your pet?

Horse meat is high in saturated fat and cholesterol. This can lead to health problems for your pet. It can cause heart disease, stroke and other issues.

There are some dogs that are allergic to horse meat and can have problems after they consume it. This is why it is important that you read the ingredients list thoroughly.

Dog Food Brands That Use Horsemeat
Dog Food Brands That Use Horsemeat

Why is horse meat taboo?

There is a myth that horse meat is somehow healthier or better than other meats, but this is not the case. In fact, horse meat contains high amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol.

It can also lead to serious health issues. This is why it is not an ideal dog food ingredient and should not be used in any dog food.

Why is horse meat classified as a red meat?

Horse meat is considered to be a red meat because of the amount of iron that it has. However, this does not mean that it is healthier than other types of meats.

There is still a debate about the use of horse meat in dog foods. Some dog owners believe that it is a good dog food ingredient, while other people still think it should be avoided.

Is horse meat good for my dog?

Horse meat is not a type of food that most dogs should be eating on a regular basis. However, there are some breeds that are allergic to dogs and can cause health problems if the dog eats raw horse meat.


You should ensure that horse meat is not present in your dog’s food to avoid health issues. Thank you for reading this article. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment.

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