Duralife Dog Food: The Best 10 Ingredients

Duralife dog food is the best answer to all the problems that dog owners can face, from behavioral issues to less-than-ideal nutritional needs.

All moist pet food is packed with vital vitamins and minerals essential for your pet’s well-being, and unlike dry food, it never goes rancid.

Duralife is also grain-free, so if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to traditional dog food for your pup, look no further.

Duralife Dog Food
Duralife Dog Food

Duralife dog food

Duralife dog food is an all-natural, grain-free dog food that goes above and beyond to give your pup the best nutritional needs possible.

Because Duralife meets your dog’s nutritional needs through a grain-free diet, you can feel confident that he is eating foods essential for his well-being.

Duralife dog food is the ideal choice for dogs who are intolerant to grains. When you feed your pet Duralife, he will receive a meat-based diet without all the grains and cereal fillers that can trigger allergic reactions and digestive issues in some pets.

The company of Duralife dog food

A small and dedicated team makes dura life dog food of animal nutritionists and veterinarians passionate about helping dogs live healthy and happy lives.

Duralife dog food is made in the USA in low-sugar, natural pet food plants designed to produce the highest quality formula for adult dogs and puppies.

The ingredients of Duralife dog food

The main ingredients of Duralife dog food are given below:

1. Meat meal

Meat meal is a high-quality protein source. Meat meal is supplemented by oatmeal, corn germ, and soybean hulls, all of which have a low glycemic index, meaning they do not cause glucose spikes in your dog’s blood.

2. Chicken

Chicken fulfills the dog food’s high-protein requirements. Chicken must be fresh and sourced from farms that meet the strict guidelines of AAFCO (the American Association of Feed Control Officials).

3. Whole Grain Rice

Whole grain rice that has been milled is essential to your pet’s diet. This help to prevent gastrointestinal inflammation.

4. Whole Grain Oatmeal

Whole grain oats have the same health benefits as whole grain rice. These include prevention of gastrointestinal inflammation and skin issues, control over body temperature, and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

5. Deboned Liver

The deboned liver is high in protein and helps control your dog’s cholesterol levels.

6. Corn germ meal

This is a great source of dietary fiber that assists with digestive health and helps to control blood sugar problems in dogs with diabetes.

7. Dicalcium phosphate

Dicalcium phosphate is a key ingredient because it allows for the absorption of minerals for your dog’s body, including phosphorus, magnesium, and iron.

8. Chicken fat

Chicken fat is a high-quality fat that helps to prevent fatty liver diseases and helps to keep your dog’s skin healthy and shiny.

9. Parsley

This common herb is high in antioxidants that protect your pet from free radical damage and oxidative damage, which can cause cancer or other age-related diseases.

10. Flaxseed

Flaxseed contains alpha-linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid for dogs with skin conditions such as eczema or allergies.

Duralife dog food ingredients are made from high-quality protein, which is important because dogs need protein to maintain healthy and strong muscles.

What are the benefits of Duralife dog food?

The main benefits of Duralife dog food are given below:

1. The dog food is all-natural and grain free.

2. The food improves digestion in your dog, avoiding cases of diarrhea and constipation.

3. The food is high in protein and contains a very high-fat quality, making it ideally suited for dogs with allergies.

4. The ingredients are all sourced in the US and are approved by the FDA

5. The food comes with a guarantee for up to one year, which means that if your dog has a bad reaction to the food, you can get your money back.

6. Food is low in sugar and fat, controlling blood sugar.

7. The formula contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which is important for your dog’s skin health.

8. The food is low in carbohydrates, and because it is high in protein, your dog is not hungry after eating.

9. The food has vitamins that support healthy growth and development in your pet

10. The amount of vitamins in the food is more than enough to fulfill the requirements of your dog.

11. It is easy for you to feed your pet because it comes in different sizes, containers, and flavors

12. dog food has a very high percentage of protein and fat, which gives your dog a balanced diet

13. The dog food contains no artificial colors or flavors and is also low on carbohydrates

14. Dogs can eat this formula without any issues while avoiding carbohydrates

What are the cons of Duralife dog food?

The following are some of the cons of Duralife dog food given below:

1. The formula includes soybean hulls, a harmful ingredient as they contain high levels of phytic acid, which can result in calcium deposits in your dog’s bones.

2. The formula has fiber bound to protein, which can cause a reaction in some dogs resulting in gas or bloating.

3. The formulas contain wheat flour, which may trigger allergic symptoms in your dog and could lead to digestive issues and gastrointestinal inflammation

4. The formula contains wheat gluten, which may cause allergic reactions in some dogs and could result in gastrointestinal issues and problems with the immune system.

5. The food does not contain any organic ingredients, which means that it is not all-natural

6. The formula does not contain phosphorus

7. The food contains beef fat, but it is an unknown source of vitamin A for your dog’s body.

8. The formula does not have any antioxidants, which means that the ingredients in the formula are not as nutritious as they could be

9. The protein content of the food is not high enough for the size of your dog.

10. The formula lacks vitamin E, which is necessary to help control a dog’s blood lipids and cholesterol levels

11. It is formulated for small dogs and small breed dogs; therefore, if your dog is bigger, it may not fit in this diet

Duralife Dog Food
Duralife Dog Food

Are there any side effects?

Your dog may experience certain side effects after eating this food. These side effects are given below:

1. This diet is formulated for dogs that weigh up to 30 pounds, so if you have a larger dog, it may not be suited for your pet

2. Some dogs may experience gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea or vomiting when they eat this diet.

3. Some dogs may experience allergic reactions from the various ingredients in this diet

4. Some dogs may experience an allergic reaction and exhibit skin problems such as dry skin, flaking, and excessive hair shedding.

5. Some dogs may have digestive issues or have a sensitivity to milk and soybean derivatives

6. Some dogs may experience loose stool or constipation in the first few days they eat this diet.

How do you give this dog food to your dog?

You can give Duralife dog food to your pet in several different ways. These ways are given below:

1. You can mix the dry formula with wet food

2. You can boil the dry food to soften it before you feed it to your dog

3. You can mix the dry food with water

4. You can blend the dry food and give it to your dog as a treat.

5. You can coat the dry food with peanut butter or cheese and then give it to your dog as a treat

6. You can use the dry food as a topper on wet food

7. You can use the dry food as training treats for your dog

8. You can soak the dry food to soften it and then feed it to your dog

Different sizes and flavors

Duralife Dog Food is available in different sizes and flavors. These are given below:

1. Chicken, Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Barley, and Formula Dry Dog Food (30 Lbs.)

2. Chicken & Brown Rice Formula Dry Dog Food (30 Lbs.)

3. Salmon & Brown Rice Formula Dry Dog Food (30 Lbs.)

4. Lamb, Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Barley Formula Dry Dog Food (30 Lbs.)

5. Rabbit & Brown Rice Formula Dry Dog Food (30 Lbs.)

6. Catfish & Brown Rice Formula Dry Dog Food (30 Lbs.)

7. Chicken & Salmon Formula Dry Dog Food (30 Lbs.)

8. Chicken & Turkey Formula Dry Dog Food (30 Lbs.)

9. Puppy Formula Whitefish & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food (13 Lbs.)

Is Duralife Dog Food  Safe For Dogs?

Duralife Dog Food is a quality dog food brand. However, there are some controversies surrounding this brand. These controversies are given below:

1. Some dogs experience allergic reactions to the various ingredients in this diet, resulting in skin problems and digestive issues

2. There are certain ingredients such as wheat gluten and soybean hulls that could hurt your dog’s health

3. Some dogs may develop diarrhea or loose stool due to the high fiber content of this dog food

4. Some dogs may develop allergies to wheat gluten or soybean hulls, which could result in gastrointestinal issues and gastrointestinal inflammation

5. Some dogs may experience a negative reaction to the formula that results in excessive shedding of hair, skin problems, and hair loss

6. Some dogs may experience vomiting or diarrhea after eating this formula

7. Some dogs may not be able to digest this diet, which could result in gastrointestinal problems

Are there any allergy issues?

There are certain ingredients in this diet that, if your dog is allergic, could result in gastrointestinal issues and digestive problems. These ingredients are given below:

  • Soybean Hulls
  • Wheat Gluten
  • Peanut Butter
  • Wheat Flour
  • Rice Flour
  • Wheat
  • Dry Yeast
  • L-Cystine
  • L-Glutamic Acid
  • Lecithin (Soybean)
  • Mineral Salts, Monosodium Glutamate
  • Garlic Powder (Gelatinized)
  • Calcium, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Selenate (to Wetness)

Reviews of Duralife Dog Food

There are many reviews of Duralife Dog Food on websites such as amazon.com, infomercialscams.com, and complaintsboard.com. These reviews are given below:

1. This dog food tastes great, and my puppies love it!

2. I’ve been feeding this diet to my dogs for over 3 weeks now, and they seem to be doing very well on it

4. After giving them this food, they would get constipated, and their stool would have a strange texture.

5. My dog is healthy, energetic, and not shedding; it seems his coat is shinier than before.

6. I had my indoor dog on this for about 3 days now, and he started to have diarrhea for no reason at all; after he ate the food again, it stopped

What does it cost and where to buy it?

The price of Duralife Dog Food varies from one store to another. These are given below:

1. Walmart has the lowest price for this food at $5.50 for 30 pounds

2. Amazon has the lowest price for this food at $4.24 for 30 pounds

3. You can also find Duralife Dog Food on infomercialscams.com if you live in Canada and want to place an order online

4. You can also find Duralife Dog Food on walmart.com/shop

5. You can also find Duralife Dog Food on amazon.com

6. You can also find Duralife Dog Food on petsmart.com or Petco

7. You can also find Duralife Dog Food at pledge

8. You can also find Duralife Dog Food at Petco

9. You can also find Duralife Dog Food at amazon.co.uk, amazon.de, and amazon.fr


Duralife Dog Food is one of the best dog food brands and is suitable for most dogs. This diet includes various protein sources such as chicken, lamb, salmon, and others.

Including these proteins will help increase your dog’s energy levels and improve their coat quality. This diet’s calcium and phosphorus levels are also high and should be beneficial for your dog’s bones and teeth.

The diet is also good for your dog’s digestive system because it combines high fiber, gluten-free grains, and other wholesome ingredients.

Thank you for reading this review article about Duralife Dog Food. Do share it with your friends on social media to help them. Thank you, and have a great day.

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