Edible Bubbles for Dogs Recipe: The Best 8 Benefits

Edible bubbles for dogs recipe Do you find that your dog enjoys licking the air bubbles you blow into their water bowl?

Would they love an extra special treat if they knew they were getting some added benefits with the weird bubbles? This is a really fun recipe, so it’s worth a try!

I will share with you a recipe for edible bubbles that are safe to add to your dogs’ water bowl, and they’ll love them!

Edible bubbles for dogs recipe
Edible bubbles for dogs recipe

Edible bubbles for dogs recipe

It is a simple recipe that you can make at home and is safe for your dog to eat as well. My dogs loved it, especially my little Shih Tzu named Sweety, but I think your dog will enjoy it as well.

And of course, they will love you even more than they already do if they get a special treat like this! This bubbles recipe is not only fun because your dog will be able to chew the foam and lick their chops with delight, but it also contains some healthy ingredients that are great for them.

How can prepare Edible bubbles for dogs’ recipe

Preparation Time:

               15 minutes


  • 1 cup of cornstarch
  • 3 tbsp pureed pumpkin(not canned)
  • 2 tbsp pureed apple
  • 2 tbsp organic coconut oil(not melted)


  • A blender or food processor.
  • A saucepan with a wide mouth and medium heat.
  • A small bowl for blending/mixing and measuring cups.
  • A baking dish with sides for baking the bubbles in the oven.
  • A strainer that you can pour your mixture through to remove any lumps of cornstarch from the surface of your bubble mixture, although if you use very cold ingredients the lumps will not be visible in your bubble mix anyway (optional).


Step 1: Pumpkin puree• Melt the coconut oil in a microwave or stove.

Step 2: Mix the pumpkin with the cornstarch.

Step 3: Add one cup of water to the bowl and stir to dissolve before adding other ingredients.

Step 4: Add coconut oil, apple, and cornstarch mixture.

Step 5: Pour the mixture into a plastic bag and place it underwater.

Step 6: Seal the bag and leave it to stand for about 20 minutes so that it cools completely.

Step 7: Blow bubbles into your dog’s water bowl with ease! Step 8: The bubbles will disappear quickly, so don’t let them sit too long before removing them.

Step 9: Enjoy the bubbles and your dogs’ great taste!

Benefits of Edible bubbles for dogs recipe

1. They are fun for your dog to chew on and you can blow more to create a more challenging experience for your pet.

Edible bubbles for dogs recipe
Edible bubbles for dogs recipe

2. They help clean the teeth of dogs who like to chew on these things all the time, just like a toy.

3. They go down easily for dogs so they are easy to eat.

4. Most dogs love to chew on these bubbles, so they have a special fun treat that makes your pets happy!

5. They are a good source of calcium for dogs and make for a healthy treat for your pet.

6. They contain natural ingredients that help your dog get some extra benefits, so they are nutritious too!

7. The bubbles are not only fun to use but make it easier to clean up water from the bowl before you wash the containers with hot sudsy water!

8. The bubbles can be made with different fruits, depending on what you prefer. (See instructions) It is especially fun using pumpkins and apples!

Disadvantages of Edible bubbles for dogs recipe

1. If you don’t have a pumpkin or apple puree then you will have to make your own, which is not as fun.

2. These bubbles only work with a plastic bowl, so if you use something that will break easily and swallow a lot of the bubbles then they may not go down on your pet’s face enough to make them happy – but this is rare.

3. Some dogs find the bubbles too soft to chew on, so some dogs may not enjoy them.

4. If you do not wash your kitchen properly after using these bubbles and put your hands in your dog’s water bowl then you will have to take a shower before touching anything, or you risk getting some sort of bacterial infection.

How can Store Edible bubbles for dogs’ recipe

1. Store in an airtight container or plastic bag.

2. Keep in the fridge if you will be using these soon, otherwise, they are fine to store at room temperature.

3. The longer they have been stored the easier it is for them to go bad, so if you make them ahead of time keep them as short a time as possible and store them in an airtight container you may have.

4. If these bubbles are making your dog sick then stop usage immediately.


Edible bubbles for dogs recipe are fun to make and especially good for dogs. They are useful, nutritious, dog-approved, and super cute.

So even though your dog may not want to eat them, they’ll surely love the feeling of eating bubbles!

So try using air bubbles in your dogs’ water bowl, and they’ll love you even more!

Thank you for reading the edible bubbles for dogs recipe.

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