Half Kibble Half Homemade Dog Food: Best 6 Ways To Prepare

This is a half kibble, half homemade dog food recipe. If you are serving any of your other animals the same food as your dog, this would be best. If you have a not overweight dog, this would be great for them.

You will need kibble, homemade oats, and veggies for the food. You can use anything from carrots to apples as your base. For example, carrots may give your dog energy, while apples provide nutrients for their teeth.

Half kibble half homemade dog food

 Half kibble half homemade dog food is a delicious and healthy dog food that is also very healthy for kids. It contains no chicken, turkey, or other meats.

Half Kibble Half Homemade Dog Food
Half Kibble Half Homemade Dog Food

Your dog can have it if they are not underweight. The amount of vegetables used in the recipe is high so that they will have a lot of nutrition and vitamins.

Preparation of Half kibble half homemade dog food

The half kibble, half homemade dog food recipe is very simple. You will need to take your ingredients, put them in a bowl, and mix them all.

For example, you can use a spoon or spatula to mix it all up. It can be stored in the refrigerator, but it may lose its nutritional value. It may also be frozen if desired.

How to prepare half kibble and half homemade dog food

1. Take your ingredients, put them in a bowl, and mix them up.

2. You will need ¾ cup of apples, carrots, or berries depending on the flavor you would like to give the dog food.

3. Add ¼ cup oats to the same bowl with your other ingredients and mix it all up.

4. Use this for your dog’s meals for about 4 or 5 days. Please make sure you change it up after 4 or 5 days because their taste buds may be used to it by then.

5. You may also try mixing the same recipe with chicken and rice for a change of flavors at the end of something different.

6. You can also put this in your dog’s treats for more energy or vitamins. If you do, be sure to check the ingredients. The ingredients should be food-safe for your dog.

Can I mix kibble with homemade food?

The answer is yes; you can mix kibble with your homemade food. Use kibble because it can keep a dog’s weight stable and stop your dog from overeating.

A very nutritious way to do this would be to mix half homemade food and half kibble. It will maintain the nutritional value of your homemade food and enhance it.

Nutritional values per serving

Protein 14 g · Carbohydrate 1 g (Dietary fiber 0 g) · Sugars 1 g · Fat 8 g (Saturated 2 g) · Calcium 3 mg · Iron 0.5 mg · Potassium 161 mg · Zinc 0.5 mg · Copper 0.1 mg (Source:

Now you have mastered the Half kibble half homemade dog food recipe. Go ahead and try it out on your beloved dog!

These are simply basic things to know about your dog. We are not saying that this is all about dogs. But we want to inform you about them because they may be a part of your life.

Can I feed my dog 50% kibble and 50% homemade food?

I don’t recommend this because not only are you giving your dog 50% “diet” food, but you are giving it to your dog, who probably has an extremely sensitive digestive system. I do not recommend this at all.

I use this recipe myself, and my dog likes it! My dog also tends to be a bit picky on his food, and he loved every bite of this recipe. I can give him 1-2 slices of his normal kibble daily.

Can I mix dry dog food with homemade dog food?

This is a common misconception that many people wonder; yes, you can. The best way to do this is to make a big batch of the raw food and freeze it into smaller portions, then mix that with your dry kibble, but only as an alternative. It’s not as feasible as mixing all homemade in with your dog’s kibble in a single day.

Can I mix kibble with fresh food?

The answer is no. You cannot put fresh food with dry food and expect your dog to eat it; the chemicals in the dry food will spoil the new food, creating an unhealthy environment for your animal.

How many cups of homemade food should I feed my dog?

The answer is highly dependent on the type of kibble your dog eats. A small breed dog eating a cup of kibble would probably only need 1/2 a cup of raw food; a large breed dog might eat two cups of kibble but only need to eat 1 cup of homemade food.

Half Kibble Half Homemade Dog Food
Half Kibble Half Homemade Dog Food

Is it OK to mix homemade dog food with kibble?

The answer is yes. If you can mix the two and your dog likes it, you can easily combine both types of food into one meal.

Is it OK to mix kibble with vegetables?

This is also a common misconception many people have, and perfectly OK to do so. While you want to keep your dog’s kibble with as few additives as possible, it is perfectly safe to mix in some fresh food with their kibble.

It will provide them with a little bit of extra nutrition. But you should always check the ingredients on the kibble first and make sure they are food safe.

Can you mix kibble with chicken and rice?

Mixing kibble with chicken and rice is a good way to give your dog some variety of their kibble, as well as some extra nutrients. The chicken and rice will provide your dog with B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients that are essential to their health.

Can I mix homemade food with raw food?

The answer is no. If you decide to make homemade food instead of kibble, it is best to choose the canned or soft food mixed into your dog’s wet meal.

What kind of homemade dog food can I feed my dog?

This is dependent on what type of diet your dog needs. If you want to get rid of fat and calories, adding some vegetables is a great way.

If your dog has an upset stomach or sensitive digestion, you might want to get some dog food that is hydrated or all-natural.

Is it better to feed my dog homemade food or kibble?

If you can mix the two and your dog likes it, you can easily combine both types of food into one meal. But if you can only feed your homemade dog food at a time, then it’s much better for your dog. Kibble prices have gone up dramatically in the past few years, as well as rising in cost.


Good nutrition is essential to your dog’s health. Choosing to feed your homemade dog food is a great way to give your dog some extra nutrients and variety. But you must also make sure they are eating the right type of food for their diet.

There is no perfect diet for your dog; you will have to look at their specific dietary needs and work there.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope it helps you make a healthy choice for your dog.

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