How Much to Feed a Dog Wet Food: The Best Information Has Been Added

How much to feed a dog wet food is a question that many people have difficulty answering. As with most other considerations, your dog will depend on his size, age, and activity level to determine how much-wet food he should be provided per day.

Typically, the amount is a little less than 3% of the total daily caloric intake. Regardless of what kind of diet your dog has been eating before feeding wet food (kibble or raw), it is best to slowly transition over to wet food rather than throw him into a sudden change in how he eats.

How Much to Feed a Dog Wet Food
How Much to Feed a Dog Wet Food

How much to feed a dog wet food

There are several factors to consider when providing wet food to your dog. These include the size of the dog and its activity level, along with the rate at which your dog gains weight.

The first three considerations will of course be the factor that determines the number of servings you might want to provide per day, but it is also important to know how much-wet food you should feed your dog as well to maintain a healthy weight in small breeds as well as medium and large breeds.

How Much Wet Food Should You Feed Your Dog?

You should be feeding your dog a recommended amount of wet food per day, but you may be wondering how much-wet food to feed a small dog, or how much to feed a large dog. It depends on the size of the dog, its activity level and the rate at which your dog gains weight.

Wet Food Feeding Guidelines:

Small Dog (Up to 20 lbs.), 1/8 -1/4 cup twice per day.

Small Dog (21-50 lbs.), 1/4-1/2 cup twice per day.

Medium Dog (51-75 lbs.), 1/2-3/4 of a cup twice per day.

Large Dogs (76+ lbs.), 3/4 – 1 cup twice per day.

Very Active Dogs (brand new puppies, working dogs and hunting dogs) 1/2 – 2 cups per day.

How Much Wet Food to Feed a Dog Per Day When It’s Their Whole Meal

The above guidelines are based on feeding wet food as a complete diet, but it is also possible to feed your dog a small portion of dry food with their wet food at every meal if desired.

It is best to take into account the age, size and activity level of your dog when determining how much dry food you should be feeding him as well.

Dogs that eat their meal quickly, and have less than 5% body fat should have dry food at lunch along with wet.

How to Make Wet Food Easier for Your Dog to Eat

If your dog is picky about how much-wet food to feed it, then mixing it with a little bit of dry dog food will make the transition much easier.

So if you are feeding your dog 1/4 cup three times per day then mix the wet food into their dry food and gradually reduce the dry food while increasing the wet food until they are just eating wet dog food. This is a gradual transition that will make your dog more accepting of their new diet.

How Much Wet Canned Food to Feed a Dog When It’s a Topper or Mixer

If your dog has been eating the same diet of dry kibble and you want to add wet food to it, then you will want to introduce the wet dog food as a topper or mixer.

A topper is a small addition of wet food on top of dry food, while a mixer is mixing the two foods in one bowl.

How Much to Feed a Dog Wet Food
How Much to Feed a Dog Wet Food

How Much Do I Feed My Dog When It Comes to Frozen Dog Treats?

Another important consideration in wet food feeding is when you are including frozen treats for your dog. If you are feeding your dog frozen treats, then adjust their daily caloric intake accordingly.

Typically, a small treat will equal about 5 calories, so if you are feeding your small breed dog 1/8 cup of wet food per day, then a snack of frozen treats is equal to 5% of their daily caloric intake and can be given as a topper or mixer.

How Much Wet Food to Feed Your Dog in the Morning vs. the Evening

The majority of dogs will eat more in the morning and not as much in the evening. It is best to keep your dog on a routine so that you can calculate the amount of wet food to feed them for each meal.

For example, if your dog eats only 1/4 cup twice per day, then it will be important for you to provide them with 1/4 cup for breakfast and then again at dinner time.

Do I Feed My Dog Wet Food at Every Meal?

You may have been told to feed your dog wet food at every meal, but in most cases, wet food is not necessary for a well-balanced diet.

Wet food is easier to digest and makes up a healthier meal that can fulfill your pet’s nutritional needs. However, there are also dry kibble diets that will also fulfill your pet’s nutritional requirements.

How Much Should My Dog Eat if They Have a Sensitive Stomach and Enjoy Wet Food?

Many dogs will have no problem with eating wet dog food and may prefer it to dry kibble. If this is so, then that is fine as far as diet choice is concerned and you don’t necessarily have to feed them wet food every time you are home since they are getting a nutritious meal.

If your dog prefers it, then by all means feed them the wet food, but just be aware that the food may be easier for your dog to digest and that it may cause stomach upset if not eaten regularly.

Wet Food for Allergies

If your dog has an allergy to chicken, eggs, or other food allergens, then wet food may be a better choice for your pet. Some brands of wet and dry foods contain these things in them anyway.

You will notice that some dogs are allergic to many things like beef and wheat, but once you discover the real cause of their allergies, it is easy to find a food that contains the thing they are allergic to and still provide them with all of their nutritional needs.

How Many Times a Day Should I Feed My Dogs Wet Dog Food?

Most dogs will eat about twice per day, often breakfast and dinner. This is a schedule that is easy for most dog owners to follow and will aid in your ability to determine how much-wet food you should be feeding your pet per day.

You can also choose to feed them three times per day if you want, but just remember that their stool is going to be more frequent and they are going to have more energy throughout the entire day.


In conclusion, wet dog food is not only easier to digest, but it can be easier for a dog to maintain their weight if they need to.

Wet dog food has become more popular as more consumers are aware of the good that it does for dogs. Plus it is a lot easier for you to find healthy wet dog food than it is to find healthy kibble.

This article has given you all of the information that you will need to determine how much-canned meat to feed your pet per day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope that you have found the information on wet dog food to be helpful.

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