Is Blue Brand Dog Food Good: The Best 8 Reasons Are Included

Is blue brand dog food good? Nowadays, many companies are producing and selling dog food to the public. Blue brand dog food is one of these, and they claim to offer:

“A complete and balanced meal for your pet with a taste that your pet will love.”

Poets United is dedicated to providing pets with the highest quality pet food, and we take accountability for the health of every animal that we feed.

Recently, we’ve heard some concerns about blue brand dog food and whether it’s suitable for your pet.

We think everyone deserves to know what they’re feeding their pets and why, so we’re going to talk about the facts on blue brand dog food right here.

Not everyone knows it, but Pet Food Direct is a newer company. It was started in Dec 2014, and since then, we’ve been hard at work creating the most convenient pet food shopping experience in the country.

Is Blue Brand Dog Food Good
Is Blue Brand Dog Food Good

We have a lot of great products, like blue brand dog food, and specially designed partnerships with brands like Authority and another brand called Blue Buffalo.

We’re also proud to carry Authority dog food, which you won’t find at any other pet store online or offline.

Is blue brand dog food good?

At Pet Food Direct, our primary goal is to give every animal the best diet and nutrition possible. However, we also believe that we need to take a stand against misinformation and harmful products in the market.

This is why we’ve decided to start this blog, where we’ll discuss things that you might not know about your pet’s diet. We’ll also talk about the highlights of our company and our thoughts on care for animals.

Is Blue Buffalo Good?

To answer this question, we first need to discuss why there’s so much misinformation in the pet food industry.

We believe some of it is at the fault of pet food companies trying to make their sales by any means necessary, including using fake claims and scamming people out of their money.

What is Blue Buffalo?

Blue Buffalo is a pet food manufacturer with over 50 years of experience. They pride themselves on the highest quality pet food, and they stand by their motto: “Working in partnership with you to help your pets live healthy, active lives.”

Blue Buffalo believes that making sure your pets have the proper nutrition is their primary goal.

Is Blue Brand Dog Food Good
Is Blue Brand Dog Food Good

Why is blue brand dog food good?

 Our primary focus at Pet Food Direct is to ensure that every animal’s diet contains all the essential nutrients they need and supplements when necessary.  We find out the answer to support this question:

1. They’re a great brand of dog food

Blue Buffalo is one of the most recommended dog food brands. They claim to be entirely grain-free and made with chicken, rice, and fish. It also contains blueberries for nutritional value.

2. They’re able to make their products with the help of the FDA

Blue Buffalo makes sure all its products are made according to label claims and regulations of the FDA. They state that they use a process called “PAT-approved,” which ensures that the product will be safe to consume.

They also state that they follow the guidelines of the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials).

3.  They make sure all their products are safe for pets

Blue Buffalo is committed to ensuring every animal lives a healthy and happy life except cats. Because most cats have sensitive guts, they cannot digest corn or soy. This is why we believe Cats are a different species and not dogs.

4. They use quality ingredients to make the food

Blue Buffalo’s dog foods are made with high-quality ingredients designed to be easily digestible. They make sure all their products are safe for animals to consume to get the nutrition they need while maintaining their health.

5. They’re also created to support your pet’s lifestyle

Blue Buffalo understands that pets live longer, so they made sure to include a complete feeding guide for every age group. They also focus on different breeds and sizes of dogs, which is excellent for more than one pet.

6. They make sure the dog food is 100% all-natural

Blue Buffalo states that its goal is to provide a balanced meal for your pet with a taste that your pet will love. They also use ingredients from the US and Canada to ensure that every product is made from natural materials.

7. They include the proper nutrition in their food

The company prides itself on providing a meal for your pet with plenty of nutrients and vitamins. This is why they use ingredients like fish oil, vitamin A, and Vitamin E to support healthy skin and coat.

8. They ensure that every product is balanced and safe for animal

Blue Buffalo takes excellent care to ensure that its products are balanced for all health conditions. They work hard to ensure the food they offer is safe and nutritious.

Is Blue Brand Dog Food Good
Is Blue Brand Dog Food Good

Is Blue Buffalo Bad?

No, Blue Buffalo isn’t bad at all. We here at Pet Food Direct feel it’s one of the better brands on the market.

We’d highly recommend that if you do decide to invest in the Blue Buffalo brand of dog food, it’s best to feed it to your dogs with grain-free diets. Would you please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions about Blue Buffalo dog food?


We hope that you know more about Blue Buffalo dog food and if it’s good for your pets after this blog. Blue Buffalo is a quality brand of dog food that we think you’ll like.

If you’re interested in learning more about Blue Buffalo, we recommend reading this blog that explains the benefits of feeding your pet with Blue Buffalo dog food.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments. We’ll gladly answer and help. We’re here to support your pets and make sure they live happy healthy lives. So, don’t hesitate to ask us anything that you need!

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