Is Blue Buffalo A Good Brand Of Dog Food: Best 9 Ingredients

Is Blue Buffalo a good brand of dog food? You may wonder why you are searching for the best dog food. Well, wonder no more.

We are here to tell you if this pet food is the right choice for your dog. Let us begin by discussing the company.

Blue Buffalo was established in 2008 to help animals live healthier lives through better nutrition and has since expanded to include human foods.

They make a range of different types of pet food in dry, canned, and raw varieties with varying nutritional needs for dogs in mind.

 Their food products are sold exclusively online and can be found in over 1000 retail stores nationwide. 2013 research shows that the pet food industry is worth over $47 billion, so Blue Buffalo is not a minor player.

Is blue buffalo a good brand of dog food

The main objective of this review is to find whether Blue Buffalo is a good brand of dog food. Skipping around, let us discuss the product first.

Blue Buffalo dog food comes in four varieties: natural health, essential vitality, grains free, and high performance.

It has a dry formula (not wet) and contains chicken as the first meat content. It costs around $50.00 for a two-week supply.

According to their website, the foods are made of “premium ingredients selected for their taste, quality, and freshness,” All of their products are animal tested to the final stage.

Both the ingredients’ nutritional percentage and the caloric content are clearly stated. They also have a chart that gives you a visual representation of what each component does in your dog’s body.

Is Blue Buffalo good for my dog?

Well, we should first look at the ingredients. The first 9 ingredients are:

1. Chicken fat

 This is high in fat and contains many vitamins and minerals that can help your dog’s health. Fat in a dog’s diet is essential as they need it to help keep their coats shiny, skin healthy, and general well-being.

2. Chicken meal

This is the dried and de-fatty chicken. It contains more protein than the raw product and is of higher quality than may be easier for your dog to digest.

3. Tri-color rice

This is a grain often found in cat food and used in dog food. While some dogs can tolerate wheat, many cannot due to its gluten content, and corn has been linked to specific health problems. The FDA has banned corn as they believe it makes dogs cancerous.

4. Barley

This is another type of grain. It is a carbohydrate found in products such as cereal and bread, so some consider it a healthier grain than corn or wheat. However, just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean your dog can eat it. Some dogs are allergic to grains in general, and barley may be one of them.

5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is ground oats cooked in water until softened and rolled into flakes or powder. Oatmeal can be a great source of fiber and nutrients, but we are not sure why they used it in this food. The only reason why we add it as an ingredient is that they consider it healthy.

6. Beet pulp

This is typically used as a meat substitute, but it’s more like a filler ingredient in this case. It has nothing to do with the nutritional value of your dog’s dish.

7. Natural flavor:

This is a weird choice as most food companies have to list their ingredients because it helps people understand what is in their food. The only reason why it’s listed here is probably that they knew that the word ‘natural’ would catch your attention.

8. Turkey

Turkey is an excellent protein source, but we know no better way to describe this ingredient than filler.

9. Flavor enhancer

According to the ingredient list, this fat enhances the food’s flavor and nutritional value.

Let’s look at the nutritional benefits of this food. This food uses vitamin E, minerals, and herbal extracts to enhance your dog’s overall health and make them feel better. The composition also boosts your puppy with probiotics for a happier tummy.

 How can I choose the best dog food?

If you have been searching for the best brand of dog food, then you are not alone. There are hundreds of different dog foods available, and there are dozens more brands that release new products each year.

Let us look at a few factors to help you decide which dog food is the best for your puppy. Dog food companies have different nutritional standards for their products, so the first thing you need to figure out what your dog needs.

This will help you narrow down the food choices by eliminating foods with high carbs, for example, or any ingredients that your dog may be allergic to. You can do this by reading the ingredients on the food container or discussing it with your vet.

Does Blue Buffalo make dogs sick?

A major problem with commercial pet food is that they are made in massive quantities, so there is no way for the company to test every single ingredient.

As a result, along with the lack of quality control, some potentially harmful components may have made it into your dog’s food. In short, one may cause your dog’s health to deteriorate or their system to malfunction.

The most common signs of an under-nourished dog are skin problems and obesity. This is common in dogs prone to allergies and is fed commercial pet foods that often contain ingredients that they are allergic to.

Some of the most common allergic symptoms include uncontrollable itching and scratching, hair loss, scabs, sores, and infections from biting or licking.

This condition is due to a lack of vitamins that meet your puppy’s nutritional needs. The deficiency could be brought about by poor quality food or an imbalance in their diet. A vet will usually test for this condition during a routine checkup.

Is Blue Buffalo good or bad?

In a recent study conducted in 2014, it was found that most people were willing to try new dog foods even though they were initially satisfied with their current brand of dog food.

Of those who were not happy with the brand, they used, over 70% said they switched because the price was reasonable and there were coupons available to reduce the cost.

 About 30% of respondents said a new flavor was open, and 15% said their dog is prone to allergies. Only about 8% said that they switched for nutritional reasons.


There are many dog food brands, and choosing which one to use will certainly vary from person to person.

To help you make an informed decision, you should avoid the most popular brands because they tend to be very expensive and not necessarily of higher quality.

The same can be said for all-natural labels. While you must choose food as naturally as possible, it’s best to avoid ingredients that contain chemical names.

Instead, focus on researching and choosing the brand of dog food that will give your beloved pooch the best nutritional value for their health.

If you have some more time to spare, you should check out all the other Blue Buffalo dog food reviews available if this brand isn’t good enough for you or your pup.

Thank you all for reading this post you have any questions, you can leave a comment at the end of this post or contact me through my email. I will respond to all of them.

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