Is It Ok If My Dog Only Eats Wet Food: The Worst 9 Disadvantages

Is it ok if my dog only eats wet food? This is a question that has been asked of us before and most likely will be again. If your dog only eats wet food there are some problems you might face.

Your dog can become very sick if you feed them only wet food for too long, he or she might not be able to finish their dinner because it’s all the same kind, and in extreme cases, they may even have trouble digesting the food at all.

The best practice is to feed your dog a healthy diet of dry food as well as wet food. Many dogs can only eat out dry food and you shouldn’t force them to eat wet food because they won’t get the nutrition they need.

Is It Ok If My Dog Only Eats Wet Food
Is It Ok If My Dog Only Eats Wet Food

Is it ok if my dog only eats wet food?

The first thing that you should know is that wet food may be very unhealthy for your dog. Wet food has a lot of preservatives and additives in it that your dog may need to avoid and some dogs don’t have the digestive tract to handle this food.

These preservatives and additives can lead to liver problems, kidney failure, bad teeth, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and even seizures.

Eating wet food alone can lead to these problems. If your dog only eats wet food they should have a lot of fruits and veggies on the side.

What Dog Shouldn’t Eat Wet Food?

Some dogs are allergic to some of the things found in wet food. If your dog has a food allergy, it’s best to avoid wet food because the meats are often preserved with things your dog is allergic to.

Dogs that have kidney or liver problems should also avoid wet food because of all the preservatives in them.

Wet food should not be fed to dogs older than 9 years old since it’s no longer nutritionally beneficial for them.

Wet Food vs. Other Pets

Dogs are carnivores and they will eat other animals. If you prefer to feed your dog a vegetarian diet, that’s fine, but keep in mind that they may be missing out on some of the proteins they need to remain healthy.

When cats and dogs eat the same food, it can cause digestive problems and other complications. Your dog may be able to handle playing with a wet food diet, but your cat may have more problems. Keep your pets’ specific needs in mind before deciding what is best for them.

Is Wet Food Healthy?

Wet food is much healthier than dry food. Dry food can contain too much salt, preservatives and animal fats. These things will cause your dog to have problems in the long run.

Wet food is very nutritious for dogs and gives them everything they need to remain healthy. Over 75% of the nutrients that are found in raw meat are found in dry food, so feeding your dog only dry food is not safe for them.

Pros of Feeding Wet Food to Dogs

1. Dogs enjoy wet food because it’s flavorful and juicy.

2. Wet food has a lot of calcium, which is beneficial for a dog’s bones and teeth.

3. There are many wet foods available for dogs with different tastes.

4. Dogs generally need the moisture that is found in wet food because they don’t have sweat glands as humans do and they can become dehydrated easily.

5. Wet food is easier to digest than dry food.

6. Dogs that need to eat smaller meals can get their wet food in between normal meal times.

7. Dogs that have infections or other problems with their teeth will benefit from wet food because it’s easier to chew than dry food.

Cons of Feeding Wet Food to Dogs

1. Dogs need to drink more water when transitioning from a dry diet to a wet food one.

2. There can be issues with a dog’s stomach if they are only eating wet food and never getting the chance to digest it fully.

3. Dogs don’t metabolize the nutrients in wet food properly. If dogs are fed only wet food, it can lead to obesity and other health issues in adulthood.

Is It Ok If My Dog Only Eats Wet Food
Is It Ok If My Dog Only Eats Wet Food

4. Dogs can become allergic to wet food, but this is rare.

5. Wet food is more expensive than dry food, so it’s not a good option if you have a smaller budget.

6. Wet foods have extra fat and calories in them, which leads to obesity in dogs that eat nothing else.

7. Wet food can lead to diarrhea and constipation if your dog doesn’t get enough water from it.

8. Wet foods are easier to steal from dogs because they come in cans or cups and the dog can carry them around for a long time without you being able to see them doing it.

9. Wet foods can be messy to clean up.

Mixing Wet and Dry Food

To mix wet and dry food the best thing you can do is to feed your dog the same meal daily. If your dog will only eat wet food you might want to transition them to mixed meals slowly.

Boil one bag of dry food for every 2-3 bags of wet food. Once done cooking, divide it into two separate bowls and let your dog switch back and forth between them so they don’t get bored of one or the other.

Mixing Wet and Dry Food with Other Dogs

If you are trying to feed your dog wet food and another dog is trying to eat the same thing, there are some things you can do.

If your dog will only eat wet food, try putting a few pieces of dry food into their bowl so they have something to munch on while they’re waiting for their wet food.

If you don’t want to feed both dogs from one bowl, try creating two bowls side by side and let them take turns eating out of each one.


Feeding your dog wet food is much healthier for them than dry food would. Dry food can be unhealthy for them if they eat poorly and aren’t getting enough water from it.

Wet food can be tasty, easy to digest and healthy if you remember to mix it correctly. Dogs that only eat wet food are likely to have problems in the future because they may not have a proper diet.

If you’re going to feed your dog wet food make sure they are getting an equal amount of dry food at the same time.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you found it helpful.

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