Kirkland brand dog food vs. blue buffalo: best 8 comparison

Today I shall discuss about Kirkland brand dog food vs. blue buffalo. As we all know, Kirkland is a very well-known and reputed producer of different types of food for humans and pets.

They sell organic, natural, and all wild dog food made in America. While this may sound great, it’s not all roses for the same-marketed Kirkland brand versus blue buffalo.

It should be noted that Costco owns Kirkland. In contrast to Kirkland, blue buffalo has a much better standard of life for the dogs, with the average cost being just $13 a bag vs. around $28 for a 30lb bag of Kirkland.

This might be because of the lower prices and the excellent food quality, which is all-natural, high in protein, and made in America.

There is a distinct difference in the meat ingredients for each of the brands, with blue buffalo featuring all-natural meats such as turkey and lamb and duck, chicken, and rabbit. On the other hand, Kirkland has cheaper cuts of beef (aka lower grade).

kirkland brand dog food vs blue buffalo
kirkland brand dog food vs blue buffalo

Kirkland brand dog food vs. blue buffalo

The blue buffalo dog food is made in America, and they are 2nd largest producer of dog food after Nestle Purina. They make the most nutritious and healthy dog food based on protein content.

This means you will not be spending much money on it as there is a high premium placed on the food quality.

In contrast, Costco owns Kirkland, meaning that you will have to pay more for it due to cost-pricing. The FDA found out that blue buffalo dog food contains melamine and cyanuric acid, harmful to animals.

Why would anyone want to feed their dog a cheaper version when you can have the same thing for less? Costco only owns Kirkland because they have an inferior manufacturing facility in America.

The Costco brand was not tested on the same level as all other brands. They missed out on testing for metals, toxins, plastic, chemicals, and many others.

Who makes Costco Kirkland dog food?

The Kirkland brand dog food is owned and manufactured by Kirkland Signature Pet Products LLC, founded in 1992.

They have manufacturing facilities in California, Phoenix, Texas, and Missouri. It is also recognized as one of the leading brands for dog food in America.

What are the ingredients found in Costco Kirkland dog food?

We can see names on the label of this pet food, but they only contain a few ingredients. Kirkland dog food includes high-quality ingredients like cornmeal, wheat, and soy.

These three ingredients are the most commonly used in dog food, and they are known to be very high in protein content.

Which is better, Kirkland or Blue Buffalo?

This is an insensitive question to answer. Both of these brands are popular and reliable in the pet food industry. Costco Kirkland dog food is much lower in cost than other brands, making it more affordable. Each one has good quality, so they are comparable. We compared Kirkland with Blue Buffalo below:

1. Kirkland is cheap and affordable. Blue Buffalo is a little bit expensive than Kirkland.

2. Kirkland is known for its excellent quality and natural ingredients. Blue Buffalo doesn’t use any chemicals or preservatives while cooking the food.

3. They don’t use low-grade meats to manufacture their products, whereas blue buffalo uses all-natural meats, including turkey, lamb, duck, chicken, and rabbit.

4. Kirkland offers more vitamin E levels than blue buffalo dog food.

5.. Kirkland has lower prices, so you get some more money to spend on other items. But Blue Buffalo is a little bit expensive, so it’s not for everyone.

6. Kirkland is known to have lower-grade meats, meaning that they are less healthy than blue buffalo dog food.

kirkland brand dog food vs blue buffalo
kirkland brand dog food vs blue buffalo

7. Kirkland uses more white meats, while blue buffalo uses more red hearts in their Blue Buffalo dog food.

8. Kirkland is a well-known dog food brand in America, whereas Blue Buffalo is still new. So we cannot compare yet regarding the demand, quality, and popularity.

What does Blue Buffalo dog food contain?

Blue Buffalo dog food is a trendy brand of dog food and is known to be all-natural pet food. They specialize in their manufacturing process and that too, in America.

Blue Buffalo dog food uses 100% natural and organic ingredients known to be healthy for dogs. The main ingredient used in their manufacturing is the actual chicken meat, the best meat type for your pet.

This ingredient contains less than 3% of fats, meaning it’s high in protein but low in fats. They also use brown rice, which is known to have higher protein content than other types of rice.

The primary purpose of brown rice is to keep it healthy and easily digestible for pets.

What dog food do vets recommend most?

The Blue Buffalo dog food is made to be nutritious and healthy for your dogs. It has a good balance for the omega fatty acids and amino acids, giving your pet the energy required for playing and exercising.

The main ingredient used in their manufacturing process is the chicken, which contains less than 3% of fats, making it healthy and low in fat content.

They also use brown rice as compared to other types of rice. The primary purpose of brown rice is to keep it healthy and easily digestible for pets.

How to buy dog food from Costco?

Buying dog food from Costco is elementary, and there is no need for you to go to a store. You can place the order online, meaning that you can save your time and effort on other important things.

The price of this dog food product is very economical as compared to other pet brands, and so it’s a great deal to buy with your cash-saving coupons at, saving your money up to 70%.


We gave you two different dog food brands in this article, each of which has excellent qualities.  We don’t know who is better, Kirkland or Blue Buffalo, but we do know that they are both top-rated products that have been around for a long time and are known to give quality dog food.

Before you decide to buy a particular brand of dog food (Kirkland or blue buffalo), be sure to check the ingredients and see which one has the lowest ammonia content, using a pet test kit if possible.

Also, look for dog food with fewer grains and high protein content, all of which will keep your pet healthy and fit without any harmful chemicals.

By reading this article, you should decide what type of dog food is right for your pet. And also, you should be able to choose the best dog food brand, Kirkland or Blue Buffalo.

Thank you all for reading this article, and we hope that the information is helpful to you. And have any questions about this article? Please feel free to ask us.

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