Kroger Nature’s Recipe Dog Food: The Best 10 Benefits

Kroger nature’s recipe dog food is a family-owned and operated business that has been producing natural pet foods for over 30 years.

They offer many different kinds of pet food to suit your budget, lifestyle, and the needs of your pupper. Their motto is “Feeding wholesome food to wholesome dogs”.

This slogan gives you a good idea of what these people are trying to achieve. Nature’s Recipe dog food provides a healthy diet for your pet.

Let’s discuss some of the dog food that nature’s recipe offers. This includes dry, canned, and wet food. Their dry dog food includes a variety of formulas that are made for different kinds of dogs.

Kroger Nature's Recipe Dog Food
Kroger Nature’s Recipe Dog Food

Kroger nature’s recipe dog food

The Kroger company was started in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1869 with a single grocery store. Over the years the company has expanded and now has over 2,900 stores throughout America.

Their products range from food supplies to clothing, furniture, and more. Owned by Walmart, Kroger might be best known for their grocery stores or their coupons.

The Kroger Company is available on every major TV network and can be accessed through various websites including standard television commercials or online channels such as YouTube or Facebook.

Who makes Kroger nature’s recipe dog food

Kroger is the company that makes this dog food. They are a supermarket chain with 2,900 stores throughout America.

The company started in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has since grown to become the third largest retailer in America, behind Walmart and Costco. Kroger also owns other companies including Supervalu, Ralphs, and Dillon.

It is important to note that Kroger is a grocery store and not a pet store. They do not make pet food or sell it through their stores.

Instead, Kroger does offer coupons for many different brands of dog and cat treats that can be found in local grocery stores.

What can we get from Kroger nature’s recipe dog food

Kroger offers coupons for many different brands of dog and cat treats. They also offer coupons for pet food, although this is not made by Kroger. Kroger offers coupons for many brands of cat and dog food.

We can get from Kroger:

  1. Protein Blend (Chicken, Beef, Lamb, and Fish)
  2. Chicken Meal
  3. Beef Meal
  4. Lamb Meal
  5. Fish Meal
  6. Oatmeal
  7. Tapioca Flour
  8. Dried Chicken Dinner
  9. Dried Turkey Dinner
  10. Potato Starch Modified (Modified Potato Starch) (with Added Calcium Phosphate and Potassium Chloride)
  11. Corn and/or Oat Groats
  12. Soybean Oil for Processing Taurine
  13. Eggs
  14. Plain Milk – with added Calcium Carbonate and Vitamin D3 (From Vitamin D3-Free products)
  15. Wet Dog Food (with added carrageenan – a calcium source)
  16. Kittens Food (with added car. – Calcium source)
  17. Kitten Litter (with added carrageenan – a calcium source), etc.

What benefits can give Kroger you?

1. It offers coupons for a variety of different brands of dog and cat treats. This means that you can buy a lot more with the same amount of money.

2. It is also a mixture of proteins, ingredients, and grains which promotes a healthy diet for your pet. Many people who have settled on this brand will attest to this fact.

3. The granular chicken meal adds natural color and flavor to it, which your pet will surely enjoy.

4. It also provides vitamins, minerals, fibers, and other ingredients that will not be found in other brands.

5. It is USDA certified to have a low level of antibiotics and hormones in it.

6. It offers a variety of formulas for different kinds of dogs.

Kroger Nature's Recipe Dog Food
Kroger Nature’s Recipe Dog Food

7. It provides high-quality ingredients at an affordable price.

8. It is good for your dog and your pocket as well – it is a great value for money and provides quality food that is not too expensive either.

9. It is made from the best quality ingredients which are sourced from certified farms and reputable suppliers, ensuring that they are of the highest quality possible.

10. It is selected with utmost care to provide you with a variety of options to feed your pet in the healthiest way possible.

What disadvantages are created by Kroger?

1. The variety of formulas that it offers might not be for every kind of dog. Even though the formulas are varied, the food does not cater to all kinds of dogs. All dogs need to have a balanced diet, which this food does not provide.

2. It is provided by Walmart and therefore comes at a very affordable price as compared to other brands as well, but it is still quite expensive when compared to other affordable brands.

3. The kibble is quite large which can be a problem for smaller dogs.

4. It also contains grains like corn, which may cause allergies in some dogs.

5. The gluten content might be a problem for dogs with allergies to wheat or celiac disease.

6. Some of the nutrients that it provides may not be enough for your dog to thrive on, and your dog might need more supplements along with the food to remain healthy.

Reviews of Kroger nature’s recipe dog food

1. “Kroger’s food is good. It is a really good value. It comes with chicken, oatmeal, tomato pomace, and other yummy things. My dog loves it and I feel it’s a great value for the money.”

2. “I like this product a lot, but I’ve noticed that the label is not very informative. The product seems to be of high quality and my dogs have never had any problems with it, but the lack of transparency as to what is in it or where it comes from concerns me.”

3. “I think Kroger makes good dog food. I’ve fed my dog their food for about 20 years. I think the dog food is really good. It gives my dog lots of energy and it never causes an upset stomach. I would recommend this dog food to other people. This dog food is the best I’ve had.”

4. “I think that the kibble size is too big, but my dogs enjoy eating it when they are hungry and they get full faster than with a different food.”

5. “I found that my dogs preferred Nature’s Recipe over any other brand we tried.”


Kroger is not designed to be a high-quality dog food. It is meant to be a valuable product for those who are looking for cheap dog food or for people who need to feed their dogs on a budget.

It does achieve the dual goals of being affordable and having good ingredients because the prices are so low. It is also very convenient to have it in your local grocery store.

It also carries a large variety of different formulas for different dog breeds and sizes. However, if you want quality dog food that is made to provide a healthy diet for your pet, then you can go with another brand.

Thank You to Kroger for giving us the chance to try this product out. We hope you enjoyed reading our review and found it helpful.

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