Mixing Kibble With Homemade Dog Food: The Best 9 Benefits

Today I shall discuss this article, “Mixing kibble with homemade dog food.” This is a very serious and important issue.

As in carrying out a comparative study, it is necessary to consider that all the ingredients of kibble (meat, grains, concentrate) are not freely available at the same time.

This is perhaps the most serious criterion that has to be considered when mixing homemade food with kibble.

I have been creating an alternative diet for my dog for many years, and I am sure that alternative pet food contains many useful substances that do not exist in kibble.

Kibble contains useful substances, and it’s not bad food, but homemade dog food is much better. Therefore, I decided to mix various homemade pet foods with kibble properly.

I will give some recipes for making popular dishes for pets (my dogs) using alternative pet foods. Then I will tell you about the problems we faced and how to deal with them.

mixing kibble with homemade dog food
mixing kibble with homemade dog food

Mixing kibble with homemade dog food

Mixing kibble and homemade pet food in the proportion of 1:1 is a good way to begin. But it seems that it is not enough.

Flakes of dog food, which cause unpleasant stains and bacteria, may be easily removed from the surface of kibble.

Homemade pet food will allow you to make your choice of ingredients. However, you can use cheap animal supplements like tuna juice or even apple cider vinegar. The main thing is to avoid corn and wheat.

Ingredients of kibble

1. Meat

Beef, chicken or lamb meat, etc. The most important thing is to take all the tiny bones and gristle out of the kibble. I have to add a great deal of bone meal to get rid of these substances, but in the end, it is worth buying dog food that contains less bone content.

2. Grains

We give our dogs a bowl of dry flakes every day. They are very popular on the market, and I am sure that these products help our animals in many ways. I also use them (the same as my family does).

3. Concentrate

It is unnecessary to use this substance because it contains many ingredients like salt, preservatives, and components that the animal does not need.

4. Vegetables

Adding vegetables to dry food for dogs helps the dog’s liver metabolize fat, which can help lower cholesterol levels in your dog’s blood. It is also an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals such as vitamin B, beta carotene, niacin, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus.

5. Lactose

It may not be in your dog’s food, but adding some of the above substances is necessary because it helps balance the animal’s intestinal microflora.

The best is homemade dog food, but if you can’t make it yourself, buy meat and vegetables as its main ingredients.

Why mix homemade kibble with kibble?

The main reason why mix homemade dog food with kibble is to provide the dog’s body with all the necessary microelements, vitamins, and macroelements.

Mixing kibble with homemade dog food is an excellent way to save money and time.

You can make your pet food and, at the same time, use various animal supplements and ingredients that are not available when making a meal for dogs yourself.

What dishes are mixed with kibble?

Dogs love meat, especially boiled meat. They also like boiled eggs and occasionally like them raw.

Cooked carrots, steamed broccoli, and cauliflower are added for vitamin C and improve food taste.

You can add cooked fish heads, sold cheaply in the market, and people usually throw them away.

You can use them in your dish, too, and they will be of great benefit to your pet’s health.

Chicken is added for vitamin A, which is important for the good health of the pet’s eyes. Salt and many other things help to make your dog’s food tasty.

You can add some powders like meat, egg, and wheat – all these will be beneficial for your dog.

What are the benefits of mixing homemade dog food?

1. You can make your recipe.

2. If you combine homemade kibble with kibble, they will be good at the same time.

3. You will save money because you don’t need to buy everything separately. You need only to buy food, and you will have enough leftovers for your pet’s diet.

4. You will know what your pet needs and how to add the proper amount of vitamins and microelements.

5. You will be able to add various animal supplements.

6. You can feed your dog with interesting recipes instead of dull kibble.

7. The dishes will look more attractive and appetizing

8. Your pet will appreciate your attitude towards it, and it also makes the pet’s health better.

9. It is a very economical way to feed the pet with food that is not harmful to its body.

What foods should be mixed with homemade pet food?

1. Meat – beef, lamb, chicken, etc.

2. Grains – dry dog food, dry cat food.

3. Vegetables – carrots, broccoli and cauliflower, greens vegetables like spinach and lettuce, etc.

 4. Mixing homemade food with kibble makes the diet rich in vitamins and microelements that are very important for the pet’s health (vitamin A).

5. Lactose is added to the meat and vegetables to balance intestinal microflora.

6. Add meat with salt and many other important ingredients that are very important for the pet’s health.

7. You can replace dry dog food with homemade canned food, which is better than dry kibble because canned foods are richer in vitamins and minerals.

8. You can use these recipes to substitute commercially available meals (dry kibble) from reputable manufacturers, but your pet will get more enjoyment from homemade alternative pet food.

What are the problems associated with mixing homemade dog food with kibble?

1. It is not so easy when you try to buy a variety of food for a dog from small stores, because in most cases you won’t be able to see it or buy it.

2. The dog will be delicious, and it won’t be easy to mix kibble with homemade dog food.

3. Always check the product you want to buy in the store.

4. Sometimes, in some countries, “sausages” are not a quality product, so check it out before buying.

It is better to make your pet food than buy it from stores. It is not effortless, but you will get a high-quality meal that is excellent for your pet’s health and tasty.

Can I mix kibble with cooked food?

You cannot easily mix kibble with cooked food, but you can prepare kibble by using any meat that is cooked enough, putting it in a special container, and then putting the dry food in it.

You can prepare such a mixture and eat it for your dog and dry food. If there are vegetables, add them only at the beginning of the meal.

If there are eggs, then add them at the end of the meal because when there is meat or raw meat in kibble, dogs will eat everything.

mixing kibble with homemade dog food
mixing kibble with homemade dog food

Mixing kibble with canned food can be dangerous for a dog. Canned foods are rich in vital vitamins and minerals, so you should not mix kibble with canned food.

Can you mix kibble with chicken?

You can mix kibble with chicken. Cooked chicken meat is very tasty, and your dog will like it. You will also integrate other ingredients into the mixture with cooked meat, such as grains and vegetables.

If you want to add eggs (raw or cooked), add them late in the meal, after the dog has eaten all of the kibbles.

Mixing homemade kibble with baked chicken can be dangerous for a dog’s health. If you have no reason to cook chicken, then it is not a problem, but if you cook chicken, then be careful.

Can you mix kibble and raw food?

You can easily mix kibble with raw food. Just put the kibble in a bowl, then put water or other liquid into it, and put raw meat on top of the kibble.

Make sure to cut the meat very thin so that the dog will try to eat it. At the end of the meal, add raw meat, cooked meat, and vegetables.

At the end of the meal, you should throw away any uncooked or partially cooked chicken or fish that your pet eats. Otherwise, your pet may get sick.

With this feeding method, you can mix kibble with cooked or raw meat and feed your dog with it. If you have any problems mixing it, buy cooked beef in the store and cut it into very small pieces.


It is a good choice to mix homemade kibble with other products, but it is unnecessary. If your dog doesn’t like the food you make on your own, it means that there is something wrong with your food.

You must add more salt or some spices and make the food tasty. It is easy to prepare canned food or kibble by mixing raw or cooked meat.

Mixing homemade kibble with canned food can be dangerous for a dog’s health because canned foods are very rich in vitamins and minerals.

On the other hand, canned foods are very tasty and provide rich nutrients that can help to improve your dog’s health.

Mixing homemade kibble with wet food is a good choice. You can mix it easily without any problems or difficulties.

Thank you for reading this article; and have any questions or suggestions, share them with us.

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