Purple Bag Dog Food: The Best 14 Benefits

Purple bag dog food is the new way to go when feeding your pup. It has been specifically designed for all breeds of dogs in mind and is guaranteed to keep them and their digestive systems happy, healthy, and thriving!

The new recipe also includes natural ingredients free from any by-products or fillers, making it the most wholesome product on the market today.

Purple bag dog food

Purple bag dog food is not only nutritious but delicious as well. The company can attest to this, as the product is just as appealing to dogs as it is to their owners.

Purple Bag Dog Food
Purple Bag Dog Food

Many of the food’s loyal fans are the pups themselves. The fine folks at Chewy Pet Food pride themselves on creating an affordable, premium product that will keep your dog and your wallet happy.

The new Purple bag dog food fits this description perfectly, with one cup lasting up to five days, depending on your pup’s weight.

The company of Purple bag dog food

Purple bag dog food is the creation of Chewy Pet Food, an online company that sells high-quality dog food brands.

The company was founded in 2010 by a husband and wife team who wanted to create a pet supplies company that would cater to all dogs and their unique needs.

They wanted Purple bag dog food to be constantly improving, evolving, and delivering products that were rich in nutrients without the aid of any by-products or fillers. The brand also prides itself on being affordable.

The ingredients of the Purple bag of dog food

The main ingredients of Purple bag dog food are given below:

  • Rice
  • Pork fat
  • Tapioca
  • Chicken liver flavor
  • Dried egg product
  • Pork liver
  • Stabilizers
  • Hydrated lime
  • Chicken cartilage
  • Salmon meal
  • Beef fat
  • Potassium chloride
  • Taurine
  • Choline chloride
  • DL-methionine
  • DL-phenylalanine
  • Potassium iodate
  • Beta carotene
  • Dried pumpkin seeds
  • Solubles from egg yolk

What are the benefits of Purple bag dog food?

The main benefits of Purple bag dog food are given below:

1. Helps digestion

2. Helps maintain the immune system

3. Helps keep a dog’s skin and coat healthy

4. Benefits dogs from surgery

5. Prevents and treats constipation

6. Triggers the dog’s appetite, encouraging them to eat more

7. It Is not as expensive for owners as other brands of dog food, which results in happier dogs and happy wallets for owners

8. Fits into homes that are on a budget

9. It Has been proven to give dogs shiny coats that are free from any parasites or worms

10. Is a favorite among dogs that have allergies

11. Veterinarians highly recommend it

12. It Has a natural, pleasant taste which makes it more appealing to pups

13. Can keep a dog’s digestive system happy and healthy for years to come

14. Ingredients are all-natural & wholesome and free of any by-products or fillers

Purple Bag Dog Food
Purple Bag Dog Food

What are the cons of Purple bag dog food?

The following are some of the cons of Purple bag dog food:

1. Not all dog breeds are suitable for it

2. Has a higher calorie count, which can mean a weight gain for your dog

3. It Is less expensive than other brands of dog food

4. Not all pups will eat it as easily as others

5. It Is not recommended for pregnant or nursing dogs

6. Taste changes over time for some dogs

7. Texture can change for some dogs

8. The bag is made of plastic, making it less environmentally friendly than other options

9. Has been compared to baby foods in shape and texture

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects associated with Purple bag dog food. If your dog becomes constipated or stops eating its food after switching to a new brand, it is recommended that you switch them back to its old brand for a few days before trying again.

If your pup is having trouble digesting the new food, try mixing it with some of its old food. If you notice any other unusual symptoms in your dog, switch them back to their old brand and contact your veterinarian immediately.

Is Purple bag dog food Safe For Dogs?

Purple bag dog food is safe for all breeds of dogs, including puppies and senior dogs alike. It is highly recommended for any dog with a history of problems with its teeth, stomach, or other digestive system complications.

If you have noticed that your pup seems to be having trouble digesting their old food, it is recommended that you switch them over to Purple bag dog food before you see any further complications.

Are there any allergy issues?

Allergic reactions can vary from dog to dog. You must consult your vet before giving your pup a Purple bag of dog food if they are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Although rare allergic reactions are possible, inform your vet of any allergies you have noticed in your pup before giving them a Purple bag of dog food.

What’s The Return Policy?

At Chewy Pet Food, our policy is very simple: if you’re not happy with any product, we’ll take it back and refund every penny. A 45-day money-back guarantee backs our pet health products.

If you purchase an item from us, you can rest assured that we’ll work with you and your pet to ensure your satisfaction. Reach our Customer Care team for more details on the return policy.

Where can I buy a Purple bag of dog food?

Purple bag dog food is not sold in brick-and-mortar stores. It is only available online, which allows for its lower price and easier access for every pet owner. You can purchase it from Chewy Pet Food’s website.

Reviews of Purple bag dog food

Purple bag dog food has received great reviews from dog owners. The brand has been reviewed on many websites and platforms, including petMD, the veterinary medicine brand, Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Wiles’s website, Dog Food Advisor, and the National Dog Foods Council.

Are there any precautions?

You are not recommended to give Purple bag dog food to dogs less than a year old. It is also not recommended for pregnant or nursing dogs.

The purple bag does not have an expiration date but an optimal “freshness” date. Once you open a bag, it will last in your refrigerator for six months. After this length of time, the beneficial nutrients and proteins begin to decrease and degrade.

What does it cost?

Purple bag dog food has a very affordable price tag. For example, you can purchase a 6 lb bag for only $18.99 on Chewy Pet Food’s website. This same bag would cost you $41.49 on Amazon.

The price of a single bag of purple bag dog food is $18.99+$.94 shipping = $19.93.

The prices vary depending on which size you buy:

  • 1 lb – $10.99
  • 5 lb – $53.99
  • 10 lb – $101.99
  • 15 lb – $169.99
  • 20 lb – $227.99
  • 40 lb – $399.99

How does Purple bag dog food work?

Purple bag dog food comprises various fruits, vegetables, and meats cooked and mashed together. The meat and vegetable matter are slowly blended in a food processor to ensure the meat is well pureed.

The puree from the meats and vegetables is then mixed with the fruits, providing some sweetness to the meal for your pup. The purple bag of dog food is then cooked, resulting in a delicious meal that your pup will enjoy.


Many dog owners, vets, and online sources have purchased and recommended the purple bag dog food. Its purpose is to help maintain your pup’s regular digestion and a healthy body. The brand has been proven to benefit dogs of all ages, including seniors and puppies.

Purple bag dog food is one of the most economical dog food brands, and it can be found in Chewy Pet Food for only $18.99. The brand only contains natural ingredients that your pup will enjoy eating.

Thank you for reading my article on the benefits of Purple bag dog food. I hope your pup is doing well!

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