Vegan Dog Food Is Abuse: Best 10 Brands Of Vegan Dog Food

Today we discussed that Vegan dog food is abuse. Vegan dog foods are made by humans who no longer care about your well-being.

These “veggie” dog food companies care more about the price of their ingredients and the amount of profit they can make than they do the safety and health of your pet.

Even worse, these vegan products have been found to have higher levels of arsenic, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.

Vegan dog food is abuse

There has been a recent trend in feeding pet owners vegan food to change the mentality of animal eaters.

The common perception is that meat products are harmful to a dog’s health, and therefore vegan products would be an improvement.

Vegan Dog Food Is Abuse
Vegan Dog Food Is Abuse

However, dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, and they need nutrients that cannot be found in vegetables alone.

Therefore, it is impossible to make healthy dog food with vegetables only.

What is Vegan dog food?

The “vegan” phrase has become a buzzword for anything, not dog food. There is no strict definition.

Many new products do not meet the minimum requirements for a complete nutrition dog food, such as a McNuggets Vegetarian Food for Dogs or Vegetarian Dog Food.

These products usually contain synthetic vitamin A rather than natural vitamin A, which may lead to toxicity in dogs.

Is it cruel to feed a dog vegan?

Many animal rights activists and welfare groups support vegan diets for dogs. They can successfully campaign to ban meat-based dog food in various countries, including the UK, Germany, and even China.

They believe that the way we raise our pets is cruel. In their opinion, if you love your dog, you should not feed them anything from animals because they are living creatures too.

Can dogs survive on a vegan diet?

A dog can’t survive on a vegan diet. Dogs need animal protein and some essential fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, and minerals to live.

However, it is possible to obtain all the raw materials needed for a proper diet from common plants such as broccoli and kale.

Research has shown that dogs find these foods just as delicious as other food, and their bodies can digest them properly.

Was the oldest dog vegan?

The New York Times tried to determine whether a dog can survive on a vegan diet. They followed an Australian shepherd named Bodhi, who was fed only vegetables for 30 days.

The results showed that most of the nutritional needs of this dog could be provided by plants alone, including his protein, essential fatty acids, and certain minerals.

Is it illegal to feed my dog vegetarian or vegan food?

The law does not specify the ingredients in pet food. Therefore, it is up to the pet owner to decide what ingredients his animal should be fed.

If vegetarian or vegan food is desired, there are no restrictions on feeding it to your dog.

However, it is recommended by some experts that you make sure that the food for your pet is 100% meat-free so as not to cause any allergic reactions or other health problems.

What are the ingredients of vegan food?

  1. Grains (include wheat and corn)
  2. Veggies
  3. Tofu
  4. Vitamin supplements
  5. Spices, herbs, and seasonings or broth
  6. Papaya, raspberries, blueberries, and grapes
  7. Brown rice and oats
  8. Quinoa
  9. Chickpeas and lentils
  10. Yeast

Should vegans own pets?

Some vegans believe that to be a Christian, one must be a vegan, and to be a vegan, one must be an animal rights activist.

Advocates of vegan diets do not usually think it is necessary to feed their dog’s other animals.

However, the media often reports cases where vegans are accused of cruelty to animals by feeding their pets a vegan diet.

Can you feed your dog a vegetarian diet?

Yes, this is possible if you follow certain recommendations:

1) Avoid eating junk food for your dog. It is much healthier for him because it contains fewer calories, sugar, and salt than regular food.

2) Choose a vegetarian or vegan dog food and make it fresh. If you buy dried food, you have to cook it before feeding.

3) Look for feeding recipes that are suitable for your dog’s age, weight, activity level, and build.

4) Consult your vet before buying any pet food for your dog.

5) Do not feed your dog raw meat or bones. They may contain bacteria that can be dangerous to a dog’s health.

6) Vegetarian, vegan, and grain-free foods are often more expensive than regular foods. However, the price is not an indicator of quality because brands differ greatly in their nutritional value.

7) If you have a medium-sized dog, feed him between half a cup to one cup of food per day.

Is vegan dog food expensive?

Vegan dog food is usually more expensive than traditional pet food. However, this price depends on the brand and retailer you choose.

Feeding your dog on a vegan diet costs around $1 per day. By adding fruits and vegetables to your dog’s diet, you can save money and avoid adding synthetic vitamins into his body.

Vegan Dog Food Is Abuse
Vegan Dog Food Is Abuse

Various brands of vegan dog food

Here is the list of different brands of vegan dog food. It is not the complete list, but it will be updated regularly.

  1. Vegedog
  2. V-Dog
  3. Dogswell Fit & Free Range
  4. Stella and Chewy’s
  5. Earthborn Holistic
  6. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Delectable Medleys
  7. Lukullus Vegetarian Feast for Dogs and Cats
  8. Victor Grain-Free Poultry-Free Dog Food
  9. YumYum Veggie Dog Food
  10. Evolution Diet Vegan Formula Dog and Cat

Why is vegan dog food bad for you?

A vegan diet does not provide any animal protein for the dog. Therefore, the dog has to eat some plant proteins, for example, soybeans or rice.

However, these proteins do not contain many amino acids and cannot be used as a complete food.

Therefore, they need to be combined with animal proteins to achieve a good nutrition level.

Do vegan dogs live longer?

No scientific studies show that dogs living on a vegan diet are healthier than other dogs. Therefore, the benefits of vegan diets for dogs are dubious.

Experts believe that vegan food can be good for dogs only if it is 100% vegetarian and includes all the ingredients they need.

Can dogs be vegan study?

A study was conducted to discover the benefits of a vegan diet for dogs. One dog named Clover was used in this experiment.

Clover received a diet of vegetables, fruit, and protein supplements but no meat. Clover seemed to be in good health and lived a long life.

However, the study is not official, and experts did not conduct it.


There is no sufficient data to suggest that a dog’s physical health will be improved by switching to a vegan diet.

It is known that dogs are omnivores, which means they eat both plants and animals. Therefore, their natural diet is intended to contain plants and some animal products.

A proper vegan diet for dogs should provide the same necessary nutrients as any other diet. However, vegan diets are often considered healthy and safe for humans, which is not necessarily true.

Thank you for reading our article about the benefits of vegan pet food.

Remember that your dog does not think about you regarding his gender or social status, but he is just a dog who needs your attention and care.

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