Water On Dry Dog Food: Best Advice

To know about water on dry dog food are essential for the pet lover.

In many dogs’ foods, there is a significant number of water. In some cases, 100 to 150 ml of water for dry dog food up to 500 grams.

The ingredients in this article are because it contains all edible ingredients and no harmful ingredients or material.

Water on dry dog food does not affect the food value to health, and water is a compound that is essential for survival.

What is water on dry dog food?

Water on dry dog food is a compound needed for the body to survive, and all living things contain water with a certain percentage.

Water On Dry Dog Food
Water On Dry Dog Food

Even plants, animals, bacteria, and fungi also have a certain percentage of water in the body. Although not as much as dogs with up to 70% of their weight.  

Why does dog food need water?

Wetting dry foods can make them easier to digest and is recommended for older dogs or those who tend to have dental problems.

 It also makes the kibble more palatable and enticing for dogs with a sensitive appetite.

 If you feed your dog wet food, you’ll likely save money in the long run because it reduces tartar and keeps his breath fresh.

It can also help if your dog suffers from constipation or other digestive problems that affect feces output.

If given dry food, mix in some water to add moisture back into his system and facilitate bowel function.

What is the test result on the dog food ingredients analysis with a significant amount of water?

The university laboratory’s results analyzed by dry matter, crude protein, total lipid, and ash were found to contain a significant amount of water.

A product from a university laboratory was used to experiment on dry dog food.

The ingredients of dry dog food were found to contain a certain percentage of water. The purpose of the experiment was to find out which percentage of dry matter, protein, and lipid had been added as a reference for animal feed.

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How does water on dry food affect health?

Water on dry dog food does not affect the dog’s digestive organs when it is ingested.

Even in cases where there are foreign materials or toxins, water does not affect the body itself.

The test results of dry matter in all samples were about 45% to 50%. This indicates that there is a certain percentage of water in the food.   

 How much water is needed for dogs?

The amount of water depends on age, breed, physical condition, and location. You need to check with your veterinarian or animal care worker before giving water to your pet.

Water On Dry Dog Food
Water On Dry Dog Food

Please note that if you do not provide enough drinking water, it will harm your dog’s health.

In addition, the water intake of dogs is lower when it is ventilated in high temperatures or in hot seasons. So please provide enough fresh water every day to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Is it ok to add water to dry dog food?

In some cases, before you give water to your pet, you or a veterinarian should check.

Many pets have been given too much water that causes sickness and vomiting.

This is why it is essential to ask a veterinarian about the average amount of water your pet needs not to harm his health.

Does putting water in dog food help digestion?

Adding water to dry food can help digestion.

As mentioned previously, dogs need a certain percentage of moisture in the body to absorb nutrients more efficiently when eating dry food.

By adding water to your dog’s dry food, you will see better health and nutrition absorption results.

Does wetting dry dog food cause bloat?

By adding water to dry food can prevent bloat in dogs.

If your dog is prone to bloating after eating, you are advised to change the type of feed rather than add water to it.

It is safer for the pet’s stomach to use wet food that has been prepared specifically for an animal with stomach problems or allergies.

Bloating can be dangerous if it is not monitored and treated promptly, so it is advisable to consult a veterinarian beforehand.

What is bloat?

Bloat or gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) occurs when the stomach fills with gas, fluid, or a combination of both and then twists on itself. The dog’s body can’t handle this, and it dies if not treated immediately.

How to prevent bloat?

The following are some of the factors that can increase your dog’s risk for bloat:

  • Feeding only one meal a day;
  • Feeding on an elevated bowl;
  • Keeping the dog at a healthy weight;
  • Adding water to your pet’s food;
  • Avoiding exercise or fast eating;
  • Paw licking or heavy panting, particularly after meals.  
  • Adjust their diet accordingly.

If they do begin to show any of these factors, it may be best to contact a veterinarian as quickly as possible.

How long should I soak kibble?

Some owners soak kibble overnight in a bowl of water, while others add a bit right before serving.

It all depends on what works best for your pet and his individual needs.

Experiment with how much water to add to the food until you find the perfect amount to get him to eat it without any digestive issues.

Why does my dog need filtered water?

Pets need only a small percentage of moisture in their diets, so if you live in an area where the water is hard or contains a lot of chlorine and additives, it’s essential to give your dog filtered water to prevent health problems.

If your pet does drink unfiltered tap water regularly, you need to make sure he has access to fresh, clean water at all times.

The best way to do this is with a pet fountain.

Pet fountains circulate water and oxygen throughout the bowl so that it stays cleaner, fresher, and more appealing to your dog.

 They also help keep his teeth clean because he won’t be inclined to chew on the bowl.

Should I get my puppy’s dry food?

Yes, you can get your puppy’s dry food.

Wetting down the kibble can make it tastier for him to eat and even help with his dental health by reducing tartar buildup.

However, please do not give your dog too much water because it might cause digestive problems or possibly even bloat.  It would help if you tried to find a good balance between wet and dry food.

If you give your puppy wet kibble, he might not get the essential nutrients for his development because plants need water to grow, so they lose some of their nutritional value when cooked.

This is why it’s essential to check with your veterinarian before making any changes in your pet’s diet.


You might need to soak dry kibble overnight or mix some water into it right before serving it.

It all depends on your dog’s unique needs and which method works best for him, so try a few different techniques and see what works best.  If you do this, you’ll likely be able to prevent bloating and other digestive problems.

If you have any questions or concerns, please post them in the comment section below, and we’ll try our best to answer them for you!

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